KD 300 fine eyed over dogs causing nuisance to neighbors & passers-by

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If complaint filed against owners

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 16: In recent times, the phenomenon of dog breeding in homes has become prevalent with the vogue to show off among young men and girls but turns out to be a disturbing issue for neighbors and terrifying passers-by, with some cases in which dogs attack passers-by and cause harm to them amid the talk of activating the punishment for whoever owns a dog that causes a nuisance with a fine of 300 dinars if a complaint is filed against the person, reports Al-Rai daily.

It has become a common sight to see people walking their dogs on the beach or walkway and some of them even lead two or three dogs of different sizes and colors, which causes inconvenience to pedestrians and terrorize children and women, in addition to what the animals leave behind from the filth and diseases they carry in the absence of supervisory authorities.

They noted a penalty stipulated in the municipal hygiene regulation of Article Seven stated that “The occupants of homes and other places prepared for housing are prohibited from raising animals or poultry, and this may be permitted provided that it does not cause inconvenience and disturbance to the rest.

They must take care of the place to prevent the escalation of odors while removing and filling their waste in the containers designated for that purpose and taking into account public health, noting whoever violates the regulation is liable to a fine no less than 100 dinars and not exceeding 300 dinars”.

Some argue that the failure of some concerned authorities to implement the law has led to the spread of the phenomenon of dog acquisition in homes and its disturbance to neighbors and walkers in the residential areas, which has become an eye-catching phenomenon, reaching the beaches and parks without deterrence.

This news has been read 41060 times!

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