Justin Bieber mourns friend Chris King’s untimely death

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Justin Bieber mourns the loss of rapper Chris King in a heartfelt Instagram tribute.

LOS ANGELES, April 21: In a heartfelt tribute shared on Instagram, Justin Bieber expressed his sorrow over the passing of his close friend, rapper Chris King, who tragically died over the weekend. The 30-year-old singer, spotted in West Hollywood earlier this week, took to the platform’s Stories feature to commemorate King’s memory, posting a poignant December 2023 image capturing a tender moment between the two artists.

Overlaying the shared post, Bieber’s message resonated with emotion: “Love you, bro. This one hurts. Please keep his family in your prayers. See you in paradise brother.”

The bond between Bieber and King was evident in King’s own social media activity, where he frequently shared moments with the Canadian pop icon. In a video clip posted on December 1, King reminisced about their enduring friendship, revealing, “fun fact: i lived at my brother krib for a full year and a half almost 10 years ago. glad some people never change no matter what. all love, forever extended family. @justinbieber.”

The news of King’s passing was confirmed by his close friend and fellow rapper, Trippie Redd, who shared his grief online. While the circumstances surrounding King’s sudden demise remain unclear, speculation suggests that his death may be linked to an alleged shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

In an emotional tribute, Trippie Redd posted a carousel of photos alongside King, lamenting, “I am so hurt rn I can’t even think I love you bro come back!!!!!” Tears flowed in his caption, as he added, “I can’t catch a break.” The heartfelt post garnered an outpouring of support, amassing over 220,000 likes from Trippie Redd’s devoted following of 13 million.

Before his untimely passing, King remained active on social media, sharing moments from his time in Nashville. In his final post, he excitedly announced his presence at CANNAFEST, celebrating @sincere_aob day and engaging with fellow artists and fans alike. Yet, moments later, tragedy struck, leaving fans reeling with shock and disbelief.

As details continue to emerge surrounding Chris King’s sudden departure, the music community mourns the loss of a talented artist and cherished friend, whose vibrant spirit touched the lives of many.

This news has been read 2013 times!

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