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Job Contract clause

I am working as senior accountant for the last couple of years on visa 18 transferable and recently went for an interview and everything went OK. But during the final round, the HR told me they have a company policy where they have put a clause in the job agreement that once the probation period is over (3 months), the employee needs to serve the company for a minimum of two years, if I put in my resignation in between this period, I would need to pay a penalty of KD 2,500.

They said the reason for this clause is they are training their employees and so this done for employee retention. The company provides IT support to various local companies, but the work which I will need to do relates to the finance department and no training is required in this case. I have asked around and got mixed response, some telling yes, they can put such a clause and others vice versa. Please advice.

Name withheld

Answer: The company has the right to put in the clause in the job contract (If it is fixed-term). It is left to you to append your signature to it or reject it and both parties go their separate ways and hence no future litigation.

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