Islam is not by words!

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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

I RECENTLY watched a video clip on social media about Islam and Muslims which shocked me to the core. The clip is about an English researcher who conducted research on Islam and the values that this great religion presents but discovered that its followers fail to appreciate and adopt these values.

The research was conducted by Paul Hosford and it was published in an English magazine called The Journal.

The research focused on the implementation of the values advocated by Islam, its teachings and ethics that are adopted in all the countries of the world, and to the level or rather standards that these countries implement the values.

The result was shocking for us because we and those who raise the banners of formal Islam among us believe that we “have covered the Islamic glory from all its sides!”

The top country in implementing the values that Islam advocates is Ireland, followed by Denmark, and Sweden, and the top Islamic country in this regard is Malaysia, which came in the 33rd place.

What shocked me was Kuwait, where public religious issues have been handled for decades by the Muslim Brotherhood Group and the Salafists in education, culture and entertainment aspects, was placed as the first Arab country in the list at number 48!

The valuable research did not consider, for example, the non-naturalization of Christians, the ban on the sale of alcohol, the recent laws that gag the public opinion, the ban on mixed parties in public places, the stifling of the cultural and artistic movement, and the handling of millions by charitable civil society institutions without checks and balances.

All these empty values adhered by Muslims for make-up purposes showed no regard for the true values of Islam, as true Islam tells us that “religion is about how people treat one another”. It did not tell us that religion is about having long beards and short clothes, or for a woman to wear the veil to cover her face. It is the organ through which the Lord of Creation distinguished us from the rest of His creatures such as animals, fish and so on.

Looking at what the so-called representatives of “show-off Islam” are doing among us confirms that we do not walk on the path of true Islam, as we sleep and wake up to stories of corruption, thefts, neglect, and awkward government decisions.

Instead of holding our Minister of Education accountable for the poor education level that we are experiencing in an unprecedented manner in the modern history of Kuwait, one of the MPs who represent this cosmetic Islam proposed the inclusion of Quranic studies in the kindergarten stage.

The minister and his ministry agreed to that proposal comfortably so that he can gain the approval of this MP and the rest of his group in a bid to avoid a vote of no-confidence against him, or rather to pass a vetting process for the selection of the next Cabinet.

Qur’an is our noble book that came from the Creator, the Majestic, the Exalted, and through the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad bin Abdullah, May Allah’s mercy and peace be upon him and his family and companions. So we wonder if a child who is less than six years old would be able to understand its texts and concepts.

Why not teach our children and the rest of the students the practical values, teachings and manners of Islam in a simple and understandable manner, as that would be more beneficial to them?

Islam is by those practical values and concepts, and not by words alone.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 37618 times!

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