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Is there something … under the table?

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

When it comes to the Iran-US  relations, verbal tensions and  media crossfire  have not  ceased for quite  a while, but the  new aspect of  the current tension  is the soaring  momentum  coupled with  accusation of  actual assault  on the interests  of the US allies,  with fingers starting to point towards  Iran. 

The soaring momentum of this tension  started with the sabotage of the  commercial ship off the coast of Fujairah  Port in the UAE, followed by  an assault on the oil facilities in the  middle of Saudi Arabia. The matter  then escalated to an attack on an oil  tanker in the Gulf of Oman, followed  by attack on Saudi’s Abha Airport,  which occurred after attacks on Najran  Airport. 

Undoubtedly, all these attacks  have no military effect, but as per political  perspective, the effects of these  attacks are beyond military aspects.  These consecutive events are occurring  within a short span of time  and with a single subject (actor) in  terms of where the fingers are pointing,  while the US and its allies are  at the receiving end.

All these give  a skewed impression of indifference  and continuance of the political  game, followed by assaults on  several Houthi interests in Sanaa  through bombardment of its airport,  and shooting down other mobile and  stationary targets.  The current situation has two parties  that openly declare their animosity  towards each other. However, one  side is the subject, and the other is the  object which looks, declares and acts  via media. 

It is clear that the US has not yet  seriously dealt with this issue by at  least protecting its allies and its interests.  It is somehow difficult to determine  if the American political game  is with its allies or with Iran.  Perhaps Iran is being used as a goad,  intentionally or otherwise, but what is  definite is that Iranians are playing their  major role which preoccupies the minds  of the regional countries, whereas the  US ally is dealing lightly with Iran’s  role in all of this. 

Enough of statements, which are  characterized by high and low tones  based on the vague perspective of the  US, are being made.  The straight-up response came  from Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammad  bin Salman in an interview with  “Sharq al Awsat” daily in which he  affirmed that his country is ready to  deal with Iran as per the stage requirements  with a clear conscience  for dealing with the Iranian administration. 

This is happening when Trump  keeps on shifting up and down  through his statements. I am not sure  whether there is something transpiring  under the table between the two  countries – Iran and the USA. 

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By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

  “Man has lived so far on idolatry:  Idolatry in moral; idolatry in  politics, and idolatry in philosophy”  – German philosopher Friedrich  Nietzsche (1844 – 1900).

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