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Is the government presenting their head to parliament on a silver plate?

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WHY are the ministers from the ruling family being targeted by the parliament? Why the march to weaken them? Who is benefiting from this? Are these wars benefiting Kuwait and its people, or are they meant to undermine the reverence of the state? How many ministers from the ruling family were ejected from the political scene since liberation to this day? Let us get into the core of the matter.

There are ministers from the ruling family who have great potential and have succeeded in the tasks entrusted to them. However, instead of honoring them, they were politically executed by discrediting them. By the way, these methods are no longer hidden from anyone.

The government has capabilities to protect them. They are the first and last fortress of the Prime Minister who has to give up hiding behind flimsy excuses and be at the forefront of the confrontation. Undoubtedly, if there was a firm hand in confronting these people, the situation would change a lot.

We are not revealing a secret when we say that all the interpellations, throughout the last three decades, were based on maliciousness and blackmail, either for sheikhs or ministers from among the people.

If there is any person who works sincerely, does not give in to the MPs, or goes along with them to meet their illegal demands, or mediates with them to appoint a certain individual or promote another, the MPs will escalate the gallows of grilling and then deals begin behind the scenes. Talking about democracy and constitutional rights is nothing more than gossip that does not convince even the young children.

This weakness in confrontation and abandonment of prestige is a natural result of the alliance between the government and the Islamists and the tribes. It has started producing more chaos in everything in the country, and affecting the open and developed cultural nature of the people.

On the other hand, the government has become like an arena for settling accounts, as it lacks the solidarity that fortifies it. It also caused an increase in the audacity to loot public money, carry out corruption, and the flight of investments abroad, while projects have stopped, even though they were originally overpriced from the start.

For years, Kuwaitis have been crying with the pain caused by these absurd games, and the imaginary battles being fought at their expense, even though the issue does not need all these wars.

If the parliament is an obstacle, dissolve it and suspend the constitution for several years in order to rearrange the internal situation. However, if the government is the problem, then it should leave, and the parliament must be fierce in the face of any Cabinet that does not have the upper hand over it.

Four governments were formed by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, and all of them did not implement their minimum ministerial programs. This is because they were preoccupied by interpellations and disputes with the National Assembly, whose MPs were given “thread and needle” to the extent that we believe there are 51 Amirs, 50 of whom are in the National Assembly, and one is in the Bayan Palace.

All this is due to the fact that legislative authority dominates the powers of the executive authority, which is supposed to run the affairs of the country, and not be subject to blackmail from any MP.

Today, the government is facing a serious test. If it sacrifices the Minister of Foreign Affairs, it will translate to a disaster in every sense of the word. If it acquiesces to the demands of the MPs, that is also a disaster, because by doing so, it abandons a basic cornerstone in it; rather it increases its weakness and presents itself on a silver platter to the open appetite of interpellation and settling parliamentary accounts with the ministers from the ruling family.

Does His Highness the Prime Minister realize this? Or does he distance himself and remain silent in order to avoid being grilled?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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