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Friday , September 17 2021

Is it that difficult to be patient, human?


I am not perfect in anything, let me be negative; my points are weak, because first and foremost I am a human being. But is it easy to be human? I do not think so, especially as I see how many have lost their humanity in our world today, having been blinded by their religious, sectarian, tribal and racist doctrines and lost their sense of tolerance and coexistence, instead of love and peace.

I read the following text in a non-Arabic language, and something inside me was affected and felt that it changed me for the better… The text says:
“Why do we raise our voice when we engage in controversy with others? Why do our voices rise louder as our heads approach each other? Maybe because when we get angry at each other our emotions and our hearts are separated from each other. We need to bridge the distance between the two hearts, to raise our voices to the other side, although it is not far from us physically by more than a few centimeters.

“But when we love and adore, our eyes converge, our voices fall, our heads drop and the language becomes whispery, because our hearts are close together, and any rise in the voice will disturb the atmosphere, hurt the hearing and the meeting will be unpleasant.” Another person said that he was driving his vehicle behind another motorist who was moving very slowly, and it was difficult for him to pass the other easily, he repeated attempts to ‘push’ the man in front to make give way for him, but to no avail. He says he almost lost his temper, when he suddenly saw a sign behind the car which read: ‘Please be patient I’m handicapped’!
He says he felt ashamed of himself and completely calmed his nerves, and before the thought struck him that getting to work a few minutes late, will not be the end of the world.

He said when he felt he had lost a sense of comfort and sense of responsibility he asked himself: Would he have been so calm and human if he had not seen the sticker on the vehicle?
Why should we read a sticker to be more patient and act humanly with others? Do we need, for example, our colleagues at work or those we meet in any public place to put on their foreheads a sticker saying, for example: ‘I just lost my job, Or I was diagnosed with cancer, or I was in a difficult family situation (divorce) facing emotional difficulties, or I feel not important, Or lost a loved one in an unfortunate incident, I am bankrupt or any other sticker?

There is no doubt that a majority of people face difficulties in their day to day life, battles and various specific problems, and all of them ask us not to be more understanding, patient and gentle with them. Let’s now imagine that there is a sticker in front of everyone and imagine reading the text, then we will all automatically become more patient and human. This will certainly be better for us and them. We take advantage of the glorious holiday to extend to all the Christian brothers and sisters and sincerely congratulate them on the birth of Jesus Christ and say “Merry Christmas”.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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