Is alcohol alone the mother of all evils?

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One of the MPs of the Muslim Brotherhood stated that alcohol is among the evils that lead to other evils and God does not bless the money and deeds that come from it. Others, from the same orientation, shared similar tweets.

The message of MP Osama Al-Shaheen and others came in response to what was said by a senior businessman that Freedom City with the current restrictions and without freedoms is a failed project.

Delving into this subject is thorny in nature, especially since the laws of the state are clear in this regard and prohibit the sale and purchase of alcoholic beverages.

I am not asking to allow it, especially since man, throughout history and existence on earth, has known it. I am not in the process of listing the contradictory opinions of jurists, linguists and clerics on this issue but I am more concerned with the arguments and contradictory positions of the opponents on this issue.

Is alcohol alone the mother of evils? If that is the case, then what about drugs which annually claim many times more lives than alcohol causes, and I am not here to justify taking the first and leaving the second.

What about theft of public money, environmental sabotage, corruption of government administration, and disruption of people’s interests, aren’t these major evils?

Why do the senior politicians of religious parties only care about the issues of women and alcohol? Aren’t there other very serious problems that threaten our very existence as citizens, as a state and as human beings on this planet?

Why don’t environmental issues and forest fires mean anything to them? Why do they not care about the fate of the millions of children who are exploited in various acts degrading their childhood and their dignity and sexually trafficked?

Why does the veil of women and alcohol take such a terrible place of attention, time and money in the thinking of these people, and do not concern them or draw their attention to more serious and important fateful issues?

Why do these people not ask about the ruling on the availability of these materials in all Islamic countries, except for two or three? Are all these countries morally destroyed? And if the answer is yes, why do they always travel to these countries?

What about the history of the various Caliphate states, and the history of Kuwait before the prohibition of alcohol there? Were our fathers sinful and immoral to this extent? Are they not the fathers of those who claim today to carry the banner of virtue and honor in the country?

Those who want to continue banning eating taboos in Kuwait have the right to say whatever they want, but they do not have the right to play with words and market their contradictions to us. It is also my right as a citizen to ask the government to determine its position very clearly on the issue of moving forward as the government announced in the Silk City project.

The requirements for establishing the project are clear. Either the government accepts it and follows it without paying attention to any objections from this party or that party or it responds to their objections, before spending tens of billions of our money on a project that will inevitably fail or be shelved.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 18524 times!

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