Irresponsible ‘beach-goers’ in Kuwait leave bitter taste in mouth – Lack of awareness

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 27: Tons of waste left behind by beach-goers in the country leaves a bitter taste in the mouth due to the pollution of the marine environment, reports Al-Qabas daily. Citizens and expatriates alike love to spend time on the beaches but what is floating on the surface of the sea that looks like big “garbage baskets” here and there, has lost the features of some coasts because of the plastic, paper materials and aluminum waste washed ashore by the waves.

One of the beaches in Kuwait

The Kuwait Municipality in spite of its efforts did not succeed in cleaning the country’s beaches which suffocate due to neglect. Much of this waste is apparently thrown by sea-goers and those who set sail for pleasure away from bustling activity on the land to enjoy the tranquility of the sea, in addition to fishermen. A single visit to the beaches, whether close to residential areas or overlooking the chalets, reveals the extent of the lack of awareness of some who live among us, which contributes in one way or another to harming and distorting the beauty of the beaches and sea and threatens the marine life and swimmers.

The real disaster lies in the fact that many beach goers bury different types of waste under the sand or scatter them all over the place especially food leftovers and this adds another menace to the environment which gets infested with rodents. The Environment Public Authority inspectors are known to issue at least around 2,000 citations to violators annually – violators who litter coasts and beaches with garbage of all kinds. An official source at the Environment Public Authority revealed that the agency’s diving teams are following up on violations of littering and encroachment on coral near the islands.

The source said that last week, an inspection campaign was carried out on the pleasure boats near the islands of “Kuber” and “Qaruh”, to follow up the extent of commitment to preserving coral reefs and to ensure garbage is thrown in designated places.

Types of beach waste include paper and plastic cups, soft drink paper cups, aluminum cans for food and drinks, remnants of papers, food and napkins and cigarette butts and personal waste Number and types of annual violations in 2021 include 60 violations of the marine environment were referred to the Public Prosecution, 192 violations of throwing waste from ships and boats, 35 violation of trespassing on beaches, 30 violations by chalets owners by not complying with environmental law and encroaching on the coasts and 730 fishing violations in Kuwait Bay.

This news has been read 43636 times!

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