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Wednesday , June 29 2022

Iraqi truffles hit Kuwaiti market after long absence

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‘Ikhlaas’ and ‘Zubaidi’ local favorite

Abdul-Zahra Al-Nouri with truffles.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 30: Iraqi truffle, after many years of absence, has returned to the Kuwait market, reports Al-Rai daily. It has taken over the market stands without having to compete with other types of truffles, such as the Saudi, African and Iranian truffles that are yet to reach the local market.

The daily toured the truffle market in Al-Rai area, and met vendor Abdul-Zahra Al-Nouri, who affirmed that Kuwaitis love truffles, and consider them as “gold of the table” due to its exquisite taste and richness of vitamins and minerals, especially since they are formed under natural plants and appear in the springtime.

Al-Nouri revealed that the prices of the Iraqi truffles range between KD 2 and KD 8 per kilogram, given that the Iraqi truffles are currently dominating the local market until truffles from Saudi Arabia, Africa and Iran hit the market, probably sometime next week. He said there are different types of truffles, such as “Ikhlaas” and “Zubaidi” which is the local favorite, stressing that the size of the truffles should be medium, because the large ones are tasteless when they are eaten, and the small ones becomes smaller when cleaned and fails to meet the customer’s need.

Also, truffle vendor Abu Fahd said the market this year had a weak beginning without any confirmed reasons and there was lack of demand even though the prices range between KD 2 and KD 8, which is an affordable price for everyone. He stressed that the Iraqi truffles are currently available in the market, as they are imported directly from Iraq.

Abu Fahd revealed that the fresh ones are better than the frozen ones, especially since the sprouts change taste after two weeks due to drying water, decrease in weight, and change of its internal color from white to black. Another truffle vendor Qassem said vendors, in the previous years, used to sell five tons of truffles in a single day, but this year, the sale did not exceed 100 kilos per day, which leaves the vendors surprised over the reluctance of the public to buy truffles.

He said he is expecting the Iranian, African and Syrian truffles to arrive soon, which could contribute to the recovery of the market, indicating that the price of these types of truffles will range between KD 7 and KD 12 per kilogram.

Qassem advised lovers of truffles not to store truffles in the refrigerator as it is but to first peel them and then boil them slightly before storing them in the refrigerator so that the taste can be preserved.

In this regard, market experts assured that Iraqi truffles are safe for consumption and do not contain any chemicals. They explained that it is a seedless plant that grows after rain, and its glowing color occurs mysteriously

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