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Tuesday , November 24 2020

Iran’s empty threats

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

EVERY dawn for the last 38 years, leaders of the Tehran regime have been issuing threats about Iran’s horrific and devastating response if the United States of America takes any disciplinary measures against it. However, such intimidations were quickly forgotten and the embargo on Iran became more severe.

Lately, this aggravation tone has intensified, especially after the President of the United States of America Donald Trump announced a series of disciplinary measures against Iran, and declared Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as terrorist.

It seems the recent military drill has intensified the zeal of Iran’s regime along with its misplaced pride, which is a clear indication that this regime is living in its own planet and has no idea of what is transpiring around it.

Perhaps, Tehran is still under the impression that the former American president Barack Obama is still occupying the White House, without any new president who has announced a change in the former mild stance concerning the Mulla regime.

If Iran can actually deter the United States of America, why isn’t it transforming its threats into actions? There are 36 American military bases in the region. According to the US National Security, all of them are facing Iran.

Therefore, instead of beating around the bushes, Tehran should engage directly and impose its will, if it can.

The clamor made by the Iranian regime is not different from that of the late Saddam Hussein, who, on the eve of the Iraqi incursion, threatened that the heads of the American soldiers will be hanging on the fences of Baghdad. However, we later saw US Marines pulling him out of an underground tunnel inside a farm.

Prior to Saddam Hussein, Colonel Muammar Al-Gaddafi used to threaten the United States of America for years. However, he eventually surrendered his nuclear ambition after the White House spokesperson issued a statement regarding countries with nuclear ambitions.

Before them, Jamal Abdul Nasser had promised to throw Jews in the sea and chase Americans from the Middle East. However, in 1967, Israel occupied Sinai within six hours, prompting Abdul Nasser to seek assistance from Washington to stop the war.

Everyone knows the fact that Iran has no strength or capability for an open confrontation and that it will instead resort to terrorist operations to execute its plans.

However, while the past years of Obama’s reign benefited Iran, the new administration in the White House is completely different. This administration will not tolerate humiliation of American soldiers, like what had happened last year in January when Tehran arrested ten US marines.

If that happens, the response will definitely be severe and devastating for Tehran to the extent that the regime will no longer exist to intimidate the world, stir problems in the region and even increase the level of deprivation suffered by the Iranians.

After 38 years of blockade due to activities engaged by the leadership in Tehran and starvation endured by about five percent of the people of Iran, it is high time for the Mullas of the Middle Ages to face the reality and realize that the days of careless adventures are long gone. They should let go of their schemes and stop wastage of billions for flexing their already-failed military muscles. This is because any mistakes made by them will open the US hells gate on Iran. They should realize that Donald Trump is not Barack Obama who was fascinated by the image of a peacemaker.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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