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Iranian Peacock feathers deplumed in Iraq, Lebanon

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT is no longer hidden to anyone that the Mullah regime understands only the language of blood and violence. That is the reason why it responds to every protest with bullets, not only in Iran but also outside that country.

This is what we experienced in Iraq since the outbreak of the protests over a month ago. Many innocent people have been and are still being killed by sectarian militias and security forces on the order of Qasim Sulaimani’s agents. Several others faced a similar fate during the demonstrations over the miserable living conditions.

When the demonstrations started last month, the party headquarters and Iranian consulates were the target of the demonstrators who were burning with fire of deprivation due to the Persian control of all resources of the country. The same reasons formed the basis for the Lebanese revolution, as Hassan Nasrallah, the commander of the Hezb of avion smuggling, Captagon factories and laundering of dirty money, who was under the illusion of seeing himself as the spiritual leader for the current political system, attempted to frustrate it by all means. However, he was shocked to see himself hanging on the stick of allegations leveled by the peaceful protesters.

The revolution of the Lebanese people is unique with peace, but due to the diverse social and economic composition, the situation is different in Iraq, which Iran regards as its gateway to the Arab World politically, religiously and economically. Any distortion to the current system in Baghdad indicates fading away of the Persian moon in the entire region.

This bloodletting in Iraq clearly means that the regime of Tehran Peacocks will not find any way to protect the achievements of the past years. The four capitals under its control have slipped away, especially since the attempt of Hassan Nasrallah to frustrate the public revolution by all means failed. This is after he received response from his environment, which he regarded as the stronghold until yesterday, contrary to his expectation, rejecting his flippant protection of the broken corrupt system that he was using to share prohibited loots and starve the people of Lebanon.

What is happening in Iraq and Lebanon today is depluming the feathers of the Persian peacocks.

While the Lebanese diversity imposes non-violence and has weakened Hezbollah weapon so much that it is impossible to be used even for threatening, the issue is different in Iraq because the protesters against the ruling class are in their natural environment. For this, any tremor to arrest those people amounts to losing the government’s achievements of the past 16 years. This will subsequently lead to collapse of the last fortress, which will in return spark revolution in Iran wherein there is ember under the ash, and demonstrations ongoing since beginning of the year.

The innocent blood that flowed in that kind of torrent in Iraq indicates blockage in the flow of the Persian project and its fragility. This is no doubt the literal meaning of a poem by “Amir Al-Sh’araa” (King of the Poets) Ahmad Shawqi:

“The dead sacrificed for the incoming generations to live

The prisoners sacrificed for their freedom

The door of freedom is red

He is knocking with bloodstained hand.”

As for the price being paid by Iraq to challenge the Persian expansion, it will have a massive impact on the entire Arab region in the future.

In a situation whereby Beirut, which has been adapted, revolts with a corresponding revolution in Baghdad worth saluting, this signifies the beginning of an Arabian era devoid of all betrayers who ride on the Iranian agent’s train to empower them over compatriots.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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