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Iran … DAESH’s head of evil

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHO is benefiting from the instigation of hatred against Muslims?  Why does a terrorist group emerge to incite hatred every time abhorrence against Muslims starts to dwindle?

Is it possible for a new organization with minor capacity to suddenly become this powerful, such that the formation of unified global forces is necessary to combat and eradicate it?

Isn’t US President Barack Obama’s statement, which is similar to what was said and done to al-Qaeda after the Sept 11, 2001 attacks, a way of underrating the destinies of nations?

Doesn’t the same apply to what Russian President Vladimir Putin said about 40 countries, including the G20 summit members, he accused of supporting DAESH?  Among these countries, are there supporters for his military intervention in Syria?

If these countries sincerely want to eradicate terrorism, why did they turn a blind eye, throughout the past years, to the growing strength of several terrorist groups, such as Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood, among others?  Why did these countries turn a blind eye to the crimes against humanity that these groups committed without being punished — thereby, making it easy for groups like DAESH and al-Nusra Front to emerge?

Before finding answers to the above questions, it is necessary to ask the most important question: Who is benefiting from the current incidents?

In 2001 when the United States of America invaded Afghanistan, the communication line with the Mullah regime (Iran) was opened and Iran became the shelter of al-Qaeda leaders targeted by the US.

With the expansion of the circle of war, the military and intelligence cooperation domains also expanded.  Iran took advantage of the expansion to negotiate with the P5+1 countries concerning its nuclear program.

Today, we see the recurrence of the incident in Iraq.  The US handed over Iraq on a golden platter to Iran when it invaded Iraq in 2003.  This paved way for the return of Iran to the global political arena through its nuclear deal.  Iran has been taking advantage of DAESH to become a player in the region and beyond.  Yemen is the best example of this.

Despite the fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the coalition consisting of Arab and Islamic members managed to combat the expansion of Iran in Yemen, it is unfortunate that the international coalition has not been able to combat DAESH even after a year.

This inability to fight against DAESH continued even after Russia and its allies intervened in Syria to combat the evil of this group.  Nevertheless, it left the gate of their defense open in Iran.  It is enough to see how some western and GCC cities are facing terrorist operations, whereas Iran enjoys the calm and tranquility in its cities.  This comes within the framework that DAESH announced Iran as its sworn enemy.

Perhaps, some of the countries’ leaders are attempting to put the responsibility of fighting against terrorism on the shoulders of certain Arab countries.  It is disheartening that GCC countries are being targeted directly or indirectly, although a certain block has been engaged in several fights against these groups.

When the GCC countries, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, were fighting terrorism, the warning bells continued to ring — an indication of the practices of the Mullah regime and its support for terrorism.  But instead of looking into the issue, the Western governments put such groups back into the global domain through the nuclear deal.

If there is sincere global intention to combat terrorism, the first step should be cutting the head of the snake, yet this will not happen without the Western coalition with every Islamic nation.  This move is not only aimed at getting rid of DAESH, but also to treat the disease from its roots — the Mullah regime in Iran.  Once this is done, peace will return to the world.

Is it rational for Iran’s head of evil to ally with the global force against terrorism considering Iran continues to pour fuel on fire?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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