Investment funds rebound with ‘strong performance’ in Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, May 9: Over the past four months, approximately 30 investment funds have surged back into strong performance, capitalizing on market momentum fueled by last year’s distributions and positive profit indicators from banks and various sectors, reports Al-Jarida daily. Leading the pack, the KAMCO Islamic Fund boasted the highest performance from January through April, delivering an impressive return of 8.41 percent among all investment funds managed by local, traditional, and Gulf companies.

The resurgence of these funds holds significant importance for the financial market, bolstering institutional performance within the stock exchange and reinstating confidence among liquidity holders to re-engage in subscriptions. This recovery not only enhances market stability but also benefits operational and blue-chip companies, prime targets for these funds. Increased competitiveness among funds promises long-term positive impacts, as sustained strong performance will attract more institutional liquidity, rather than individual investors.

In a related development, sources suggest that certain funds are eyeing liquidity and participation from the Kuwait Investment Authority, mirroring the Authority’s successful collaborations with reputable companies and aligning with its strategy to expand managerial scope. This underscores the evolving landscape of investment practices.

Moreover, the activity of investment funds, alongside other institutional players, significantly influences the revenues of the stock exchange, with trading commissions being a vital resource. This should incentivize collaborative efforts between exchanges and investment firms to introduce initiatives and support the success of approved but currently underutilized financial instruments. Such initiatives are essential for advancing the development of the stock market and maximizing its potential.

This news has been read 640 times!

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