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A reader named Saeed says: I am one who reads your column daily and it leaves a void when you do not write. I could not control myself from writing to you after reading your article about the sufferings of residents because you touched my wound.

I do not wish to ask for anything, but express my respect to for sharing our feelings – the residents. My mother came to Kuwait in 1954 and established educational institutions and then my father followed her to work as a doctor, Saeed added.

I came to the world 60 years ago, I studied and worked in Kuwait, and yet every year I have become a subject of humiliation. This pains me and I wonder, for how long I will have to bear with it. I felt that there are those who think with us that there is a difference between one class and another and that the person who has proved his love and loyalty to this country deserves a slightly different treatment, as in the rest of the world. We do not want more than a little bit of consideration consistent with our situation.

Another reader Ahmad writes: Please allow me to express my admiration for your views that give hope to a life full of problems and conflicts.

I am a Lebanese, born in Kuwait, I love her and I appreciate her leadership. If you ask me about my belonging, I will tell you that I am a Kuwaiti, because she is the land on which I was born and brought up. I lived in my childhood and knew that I had a father other than my original father, Papa Jaber and Papa Sabah today.

I visit Lebanon as any Kuwaiti does with no difference at all, but the laws of Kuwait which I respect refuse my belonging to her, and this is her right, and therefore all my wishes are limited to treating the child on the land of a country he loves. I got tired like many others of annual procedures for renewing residence without a difference between me and a simple worker who comes only to spend two years under contract and returns to his homeland.

I do not want anything that I do not deserve, so I think it’s important to get rid of the deadly routine, wasting my time and the valuable time of government employees in procedures that can be cut short, so why all this insult, and why this unjustified pressure to link the validity of the driver’s license to residence? Let the State take fair fees, but alleviate unjustified procedures and everyone will benefit.

Mile, another reader says: “I am a European who has been living in Kuwait for many years. I read your article about the suffering of expatriates in the Arab Times. I work here as an expert in a private oil company, and nobody in Kuwait has my expertise, and I strive to transfer it to citizens. I enjoy my life here, I love everything in Kuwait, I enjoy my relations with many Kuwaiti families and I only get upset when time comes to renew my residence. Is there not any solution to this ongoing waste?

As for the Syrian student Alaa Ihsan Farraj, who achieved distinctive marks 100% in the scientific section high school certificate might say: Kuwait, my second country, has spent a lot to make me reach this level, and after a few days I will be asked to leave.

Finally, Lebanese businessman Frederick Shalhoub says: “Yesterday I was called to the Directorate General of Residence Affairs. General Mohamed El-Marri, the director of the administration, handed me the ten-year golden residence card with my family. We pray to God to protect the UAE, its people and leadership, a country of tolerance and love.

Minister of Interior, when will we read such a tweet in Kuwait?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 11857 times!

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