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Thursday , August 13 2020

Inhuman, skewed eclecticism

Whenever our brothers in humanity, children of Adam and Eve, encounter any devastating misfortune, we are obliged by our emotions, feelings and conscience to do something regardless of their origin or ethnicity.

In the past months or few days now, we have seen our brothers and sisters in humanity and religion — the minority group known as “Rohingya” in Myanmar, suffer persecution and injustice — something that incites and moves humans and even stones.

Needless to say, the persecution of our brothers seems to have not shaken a single hair in the beards of our extremist fundamentalists. The same people we saw in the past raging and barbarically crunching on the tiniest issue due to their bizarre nature in our tolerant society.

We saw several of them at a gathering in a diwaniya collecting funds to arm 12 thousand fighters, and we know the number is enough to liberate the occupied Golan Heights plus some villages in the West Bank. They declared with pride and boasted about sending millions of weapons to the people of Syria with mercenaries of all kinds to kill each other.

We saw one of them with a poker face bragging about slaughtering a family consisting of a father and his small children, and even wished with a smiley barbaric face to slaughter 12 other individuals from the same group of the slaughtered father and his children.

We saw the person who is actually afraid of his own shadow, preparing explosives and standing behind huge artillery insinuating he is a Jihadist. We saw a gathering of the gang in their numbers in front of the embassy of one major friendly nation protesting against its stance adopted in favor of their creedal adversary in Syria, and noticed scores of fraudulent appearances and hypocritical Jihadism in them.

Nonetheless, we neither heard a single word of protest from the group nor their kind on the genocide committed by Myanmar military against the Rohingya Muslim minority that led more than 125,000 people to flee to Muslim and impoverished Republic of Bangladesh in the last few days.

Houses of the Rohingya Muslim minority have been torched and with joints of their religious men cut into pieces! This information and figures were announced by the regional spokesperson of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

There is a global condemnation of the massacre, as humanity calls upon the United Nations and the major countries to intervene. However, our fundamentalists are in total silence … as silent as the graveyard. This silence is clear indication of their abhorred and rejected inhuman eclecticism, although it’s not a surprising trait in them.

E-mail: ali-albaghli@hotmail.com

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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