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Monday , November 29 2021

Inhuman Kidney Donation Advertisements In Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Mar 08: As kidney failure multiply in Kuwait and kidney donors are scarce, patients find themselves in a real crisis which obstruct their recovery.

Kidney failure patients suffer a great deal of ordeal and are on dialysis, to find a kidney donors it becomes very difficult and often have to wait for long waiting period in the Hamed Al-Essa Center, where the waiting period is two years to obtain a donor, and the length of the waiting period is twice as much searching for donors by publishing ads in newspapers or streets in all languages ​​in the hope of obtaining a donor.

A relative of a kidney failure patient who placed an advertisement in more than one language stated that they had to place the advertisement as there is a long waiting period in the hospital which is more than two years, and the condition of the patient is critical and need to find donor as quick as possible.

He further stated that the Ministry of Health has set some conditions for the donor, including that he has a residence permit for more than 3 years in Kuwait and a salary certificate above 300 dinars, this is done to prevent any person from abroad coming and making a donation, along with this there are other important condition such as to match medical checks of the donor with the patient’s tests. Hence the advert was published in more than one language in a hope of obtaining a donor.

He hoped that to end patients suffering there need to be new appropriate and flexible solutions for donating kidney by allowing donors to donate in exchange of money to reduce pain of the patient.

But on the contrary advertisements are published in Asian languages which is a clear message to target expats who arrive new to the country. Some human rights activist believe that advertising this way is not allowed and is inhumane. Islam religion doesn’t permit sale of human organs to from one human to another, but if the donor is giving it as a gift or reward it is permissible.

As for the donors who are not a family member or relative of the patient, a large number of them submit their kidney to the organ transplant center on their own will to the patients with chronic kidney failure.

And for this to happen following are the requirements:
– All conditions of donor and patients should match such as compatible blood type, good health, normal kidney function
– There is no suspicion of trafficking for organ trade
– The donation is not under the influence of threat or extortion,
– The donation is approved by the special committee who interviews the donors, which formed by ministerial decision

Human rights activist Abdullah emphasized that the process of buying organs is inhuman and it exploits the needs of people, and publishing advertisements in their languages it targets simple people is immoral, and it is against the law, as this exploits the human need.
He further stated that the best alternative is to find a donor among own family circle, where he donates with love and sincerity, so there are committees during the interview is ensured that there is no material benefit.

Hence during patients pain and suffering he should reach to his family and relatives, this is charity instead of exploiting the need of simple people. He pointed out that the process of buying is accompanied by many issues and differences, including lack of agreement on the price and other things, stressing that clerics should play important role in the society by encouraging family members and relatives to donate. (AL Rai)

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