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Friday , December 3 2021

If salary below KD 500 deliver baby in Kuwait

I am currently working in a company in Kuwait and have a salary of KD 450. My family is currently in Kuwait and wife is pregnant. If I take her to India for delivery and bring back to Kuwait will there be any problem to get visa for my child?

Name withheld

Answer: You will do yourself a good service if you were to allow your wife to deliver in Kuwait and you get residence for the baby before your wife travels out of Kuwait with the baby. With a monthly salary of KD 450 you fall short of the salary cap of KD 500 that will entitle you to sponsor your family. However, when the new cap was introduced, it was made clear that those who were already in the system were not affected by the new rule and could continue to sponsor their families on salaries lower then the new cap. Different interpretations of the rule may however be put into play if one wants to sponsor a family member residing outside Kuwait as opposed to one resident in the country. To prevent the law being interpreted to your disadvantage, that is why we advise that your wife deliver the baby in Kuwait rather than in India.

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