Humanity will go through perilous phase in history

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This year, humanity will pass through one of the most dangerous stages in its history, in which the need for man will diminish, and dependence on the machine will increase, and its control over all the course of our lives, after we were in control, as it will have creativity and thinking capabilities that are millions of times greater than our ability to produce and think! This year will not pass before we see the fingerprints of or artificial intelligence, under which lies a new world of inventions and sensory and intangible perceptions.

The danger of artificial intelligence programs and robots lies in their ability to “teach” themselves, plan for the future, avoid making mistakes, and their ability to read our thoughts by converting them into words, and this is only part of the upcoming scientific revolution!

Sundar Pichai, head of Google, tells the popular ‘60 Minutes’ talk show broadcast by CBS News that the next evolution will be “good and bad,” as is human nature. The revolution is coming faster than we can imagine, and society (meaning the West, let alone the reaction of our miserable societies) may not be ready for what is to come; and the Yard system, which represents Google’s answer to Microsoft’s ChatGPT, will not only be a high-speed search device, but a unique creativity and creation tool capable of providing a set of suggestions for the text of a lecture received in a university, for example, or a factory, in a way thousands of times faster than the ability of any human being, and in a manner more accurate and cool.

It is also possible to request the summary of the Holy Book, for example, in a sentence of seven words, and the translation of the sentence into Latin, for example, and this will be completed in 9 seconds. The program will also be able to write a short story, with a sad ending, and another with a happy ending, and in seconds too.

The vice president of Google says that AI will enable us to change our thinking pattern, the way we act on any problem, and even the way we speak, and that the time it takes for a talented novelist to write a wonderful story is enough for the program to write a million similar novels to it!

He predicted that many would lose their jobs, new jobs would be created, and the nature of some of them would change, so that the impact would extend to everything that minds produce in operating rooms, wars, factories and product designs, and scientists in laboratories, doctors and pharmacists will be able to perform their work in a much better way, as they will have before them a scientific summary of what needs to be done. They have to do the next day of surgeries, etc., and achieve the best results.

Also, the greatest danger of artificial intelligence to humanity is its development in a way that is not in line with human values and goals, and this may lead it to act in ways that are harmful to humans, as the system can be programmed, with the aim of maximizing a specific goal, such as profit, and here actions will be taken that have inhuman consequences, such as the expulsion of workers or cause environmental harm.

The super intelligence may exceed human intelligence, so that a person is unable to control her or predict what she will do. And it could become disastrous if the program decides that a human group poses a threat to its goals or values, and therefore must be eliminated, or the program is used to develop independent weapons that can be used to target specific civilians, or to perform other immoral actions.

Also, AI devices or programs are currently teaching themselves new skills, which humans did not originally ask for, and were not within their reach, and it is not yet known how these programs or robots do that, and this constitutes a great source of fear for many, and this prompted Godfrey Hunton, known as the “Father of AI”, to resign from his job as a director at Google, expressing his concern about the future of this scary technology, and that these machines and programs will very soon become smarter than us, much smarter.

Concurrently, an elementary school in Kuwait organized an event to honor the girls for wearing the Hijab. The event was welcomed by three quarters of the (ignorant) people.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 45523 times!

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