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Sunday , October 17 2021

Humanity exists in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 22: Despite the rumors about the decline of human values in exchange for the spread of materialism, energies of light appear from time to time to confirm that the world is still fine and to indicate the existence of humanity in the world, and the attachment of humans to the elements of their survival from the tumultuous currents of industrial life, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Razi Hospital is one of those areas of light energies, where a wonderful scene of humanity was recently witnessed when an elderly Kuwaiti man over the age of 60 years was seen pushing the wheelchair of an elderly Ethiopian woman who is about 80 years old. This prompted the Head of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department Dr. Hussein Al-Majadi to ask the man about his relationship with her. He replied that she was his maid who helped raise his children, but eventually her health deteriorated and she lost the energy to carry out her tasks, which required him to serve her himself and even hire a maid to take care of her.

According to Dr. Majadi, the elderly Ethiopian woman was suffering from chronic pain due to which she was taken to a number of private hospitals. However, she continued to suffer, and this prompted her sponsor to try the medical treatment in a government hospital. He even begged the doctor to do everything in his power to relieve her pain in response to the good she did during her work period.

Al-Majadi described the scene by saying, “I saw humanity manifested in him. I realized that raising their voices with racism is nothing but a cacophony in front of the calm voice of humanity that represents the general population.”

The strange but impressive aspect is that the woman was crippled, suffering from Alzheimer’s and severe back pain. The sponsor was keen to be the one to help her even though another maid was present with her.

This story was nothing but a window into the dozens of Kuwaiti humanitarian stories that reflect the return of the favor, and the eagerness to help those who helped them. It paints a beautiful picture that refutes the complaints recorded by some domestic workers about physical abuse or abuse of their rights in homes.

Many do not share these stories, and only appear in a context similar to the story of Dr. Al-Majadi, through which hundreds favored the action of the Kuwaiti sponsor and described those who do so as “the angels who walk on earth” and that they are “the best and blessing of the rest of the community”. They are considered as the ones who, by their actions, embody the goodness of the people of Kuwait and their authentic nature.

Others recounted similar stories, one of which was from Dr. Abdul Wahab, who narrated that one of the sponsors visited him in the clinic last week with his maid who wanted her tooth extracted. However, he was not keen to do so and advised to complete the course of nerve treatment before resorting to extraction and losing the teeth forever. This is in addition to another woman who installed fixed teeth for her elderly maid.

Bint Saud narrated about her Sri Lankan housemaid who had returned to her country after she had grown old and was shocked to discover that her husband had divorced her and immigrated to London where he got married again. She brought the maid back to Kuwait and treated her as a member of the family.

The one who looks into the depths of Kuwaitis and searches for “the beautiful” finds many lessons that prove the benevolence of this nation, and the beauty of the characteristics of its children. This makes it clear that those who are acting contrary to that are nothing but a summer cloud that soon disappears, and a faint star that quickly fades away.

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