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Wednesday , June 16 2021

Humanitarian loss missed!

On a Saturday afternoon of a quiet spring, a bearded man pulled over near the ‘Sayed Al-Shuhada’ school on the outskirts of the capital, Kabul, where boys and girls study in three shifts per day, and deliberately detonated his booby-trapped car as the innocent girls left the school, followed by two more explosions, which ripped the bodies of 85 schoolboys in front of the eyes of their families who were waiting for them. In the bombings, nearly 150 others, including a child, a woman and a man were wounded while some of them were shopping for the Ramadan holiday.

Because of the atrocity of the crime or the inhumane massacre of innocent children, the Taleban denied responsibility for the incident and the ‘Islamic State’ kept mum but this did not absolve them either of their responsibility as they have never concealed their hatred for the Shiites wherever they are. This is something that reflects the ugly sectarian conflict between the two sects and their revenge for each other whose motives can be understood by a distant and neutral observer but making young flowering girls a target means the issue is not only sectarian but it sends a message to every Afghan who insists on providing the simplest types of education for his children including daughters.

Similar criminal bombing took place almost two months ago by armed Talebani attack on Kabul University, killing dozens of university students, professors, and employees. On the day of the same criminal explosion in the sisterly Afghanistan, a day before and two days later, the streets of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem witnessed tensions and clashes between Palestinian civilians on the one hand and Israeli settlers and soldiers on the other, against the backdrop of a long-standing legal case fi led by 24 Palestinian families claiming their right in the homes that they sought refuge in 1956, after the catastrophe of 1948.

The settlers claim that the homes became theirs after the 1967 war, and the Palestinians say that the West Bank was under the rule of Jordan before the 1967 war and that the government of Jordan promised to register the homes in their names and handed over them some of them. Fortunately, no Palestinian has been killed in the clashes with the Israeli soldiers and settlers and the various confrontations in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood so far, compared to the terrible number of deaths in the Sayed al-Shuhada school bombing.

However the tweeters and activists were silent and all our newspapers, including Al-Qabas, were silent about the criminal act as if the killing of 85 young Afghan girls, and the wounding of hundreds in the school explosion occurred a century ago and on another planet, and not on the morning of Aug 5, 2021, at a time when the clashes between Palestinians and Jewish settlers were fully covered in almost all newspapers published in their front pages. None of the religious organizations in our wonderful Islamic world uttered a word of protest against the crime that took place in Afghanistan, and we ignore the sectarian side of the incident but what about the humanitarian side, and the killing of this large number of innocent girls in an unprecedented bombing incident?

What about the future of girls education in our countries, or is Afghanistan not one of us and we are not part of it, and its victims are worthy as material for journalistic excitement? “Our commitment to the Palestinian cause has not changed, are our hearts completely devoid of humanity? We congratulate member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mr. Mansour Abbas who has been chosen as the deputy in the Israeli Knesset, on the same day the clashes occurred. We wonder why the Brotherhood’s international organization is silent and at this particular time about this choice and not condemning his action at least!

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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