Humanitarian endeavor by seven Kuwaiti students ‘Leaves a Trace’ in America

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 17:  The altruistic spirit knows no bounds. In the southwestern region of America, specifically in the state of Arizona, seven Kuwaiti students from the University of Arizona Tucson have distinguished themselves within the Kuwaiti Club through a remarkable humanitarian initiative titled “Leave a Trace.”

These students, in collaboration with fellow Kuwaiti volunteers, aimed to be trailblazers in promoting positive change within their community, transcending geographical boundaries.

Athba Al-Radaan, one of the team members, in a conversation with Al-Rai, shared a collective passion for reshaping the world around them, with their primary objective being to inspire people to make a positive impact in their daily lives and in society as a whole.

Together, they organized a series of humanitarian activities targeting various segments of society, including distributing meals to those in need and organizing sports activities for children — activities wholly funded by the students themselves. Al-Radaan noted, “The impact of our initiatives was palpable on the faces of the beneficiaries, who marveled at the students’ ability to execute such compassionate endeavors.”

Highlighting the initiative’s inspirational effect, she noted, “The ‘Leave a Trace’ initiative succeeded in motivating numerous individuals, particularly Kuwaiti youth, leading to an increased number of volunteers. This infusion of energy added a new dynamism to the campaign, expanding its sphere of influence.”

Expressing her hope that the campaign serves as a wellspring of inspiration for young people both in Kuwait and beyond, Al-Radaan emphasized, “The initiative left a positive imprint in the hearts of many, proving that the human spirit knows no geographic bounds. The collaborative efforts of these Kuwaiti students in America reflect the values of global cooperation and contribute to the construction of a better world for all.”

Originating from the visionary Amina Al-Shehab, the “Leave a Trace” campaign embodies the Kuwaiti Club’s ethos at the university. Athba joined forces with students Muhammad Al-Rayes, Muhammad Al-Rakhiz, Amin Al-Saffar, Osama Al-Muslim, and Ahmed Al-Khaza to launch this charitable campaign under the motto “The best way to thank a blessing is to create it for a person deprived of it.”

The campaign’s core vision is to foster volunteer opportunities based on direct collaboration between volunteers and beneficiary groups, aspiring to make volunteering an integral part of students’ lifestyles while cultivating gratitude for blessings and utilizing them to alleviate the suffering of others, even if only in a small measure.

The campaign is set to host five diverse activities next spring in partnership with local and international public benefit organizations, including the Red Cross and the Escachita Refugee Network. These activities are tailored to serve various groups and address different goals, encompassing food security and refugee aid.

This news has been read 1343 times!

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