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Since our Prime Minister is a graduate of Harvard University, it is important to pay attention to the health advice issued by this university’s periodicals.

There is no definitive answer about the amount of water that the body needs daily. There are differences between the need of men and women, the nature of their work, and the nature of the atmosphere in which they live, but the number closest to health came from the “American” National Academy of Medicine, which stated that healthy men usually maintain water and moisturize their bodies by drinking at least three liters (about 13 cups) of water daily, and for women, 2.2 liters of water (or 9 cups) daily.

Dr. Hans says, most people do not follow this recommendation, and we find that they are fine. A nephrologist at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, who specializes in hydration, says water helps us get rid of waste, maintain blood pressure, and regulate body temperature, and some people need water more than others.

Those who exert physical effort, or who exercise, lose more water through sweat, and they urgently need to replace it. An emergency medicine specialist at Northwestern Medicine and the nation’s Chief Medical Officer, says people may also need to drink more water if they have larger bodies or more muscle mass, or have loose stools. Also, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those who have kidney stones, or suffer from frequent urinary tract infections, need to drink more water than others.

A person’s need for water changes from one period to another, and according to the degree of aging. With age, a person loses muscle and gains fat, and therefore needs to consume a smaller amount of water to maintain healthy tissues. However, some elderly people still do not consume the necessary amount of water because after sixty, their bodies become no longer good at detecting thirst. He explained that the level of dehydration that makes you thirsty at the age of forty may not make you thirsty at the age of eighty.

If you feel thirsty, this is a sign of dehydration, such as feeling constantly cold or dry skin. People who suffer from acute or chronic dehydration may also suffer from headaches or dry eyes.

Since people don’t get water while they sleep, “most people wake up already dehydrated.” Therefore, it is necessary for a person to start his day with a glass of water. It is also okay to add flavors to the water. Coffee and caffeinated drinks are not as hydrating as decaffeinated drinks, as they reduce the kidneys’ ability to absorb water, leading to more water being lost through urine. Alcoholic drinks also cause dehydration.

A person gets 20% of his water need from fruits and vegetables.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises drinking no more than 48 ounces of water per hour. Also keep in mind that there may be no health benefit to consuming large amounts of water, and it is not advisable to carry very large water bottles with us. The vast majority of people do not need to drink an excessive amount of water in a short time, but rather it is advisable to distribute drinking over the hours of the day.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 1037 times!

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