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How to transfer from family visit visa to dependent visa

My family (wife and child) recently came to Kuwait through visit visa. Very recently my company renewed my residency with KD 500 salary scale (before it was 450). Do you have idea how to transfer my family visit visa to dependent visa (family visa) without going back to my country. I keep on asking many people but i am not getting proper answer. Could you please help me in this.

Name withheld

Answer: Visit the Immigration department where the visit visa of your wife and child was issued and you will be taken through the processes to effect the desired change if there is no objection to your request. You must however arm yourself with the following documents before visiting the Immigration department.

1. Copy of the visit visa

2. Copy of your passport

3. Marriage certificate (attested by the ministry of your country, your embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait foreign ministry annexe in Shuwaikh.

4. Your work permit (showing salary of KD 500 or more)

5. Your civil ID card We must point out that the decision on conversion of visit visa to family visa is not a blanket one.

The officials at the immigration department are the final arbiters and they can decide to either accept or reject your application even though you may satisfy all the requirements.

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