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Housewife can be considered for a driving licence if her husband owns a driving licence

I have been working in Kuwait for the past 6 years as hairdresser in a saloon; now I need to transfer my sponsorship to my husband who is on Visa 22. I would like to know if I can keep my driving license if I change my Vtisa 22 because we don’t have kids and we haven been married for 5 years. My husband’s salary is KD 450 and my salary is KD 600. What can I do in such a case?

Name withheld

Answer: With Visa 22, you are not expected to work and if you do, you will be committing an illegal act. This therefore, means that you cannot use your monthly salary of KD 600 as a proof of your qualification to own a Kuwaiti driving licence if you transfer to your husband’s sponsorship. As explained by you, you don’t have kids of school-going age and even if you do, you can still not keep your licence as a housewife since your husband’s salary disqualifies him from owing a driving licence. Indeed under traffic regulations a housewife can only be considered for a driving licence if her husband owns a driving licence or qualifies to own one.

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