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Hidden government phenomena and brigades of donkeys

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I think that the Negative Phenomena Committee is nothing but a government ploy to create controversies and distract the nation with trivial matters, and so it accepts its decisions and gets elated with the success, for example, in keeping activities like a marathon unchanged, and portrays the issue as a victory.


I do not know how a government in the 21st century would accept for itself that the ultra-backward people in the country, despite their small number, become censors of the morals of five million individuals, who control public and individual behavior with obvious violence, and publish their negative messages in society without paying attention to feelings, freedoms of others nor for the clear principles of the Constitution.

Why did we accept the transfer of the forces of backwardness and apostasy from our neighbors to our homes, our minds and our hearts, and let them permeate our souls, with all this openness that the world around us is experiencing? Why did the National Assembly, for the first time, become full-fledged in its extremism and backwardness, in contrast to a specific quality and very few in numbers? Preserving the morals of society does not come through such committees and through such laws, controls and prohibitions, and the best evidence is the records and files of the police stations and courts that prove, daily, that the most religious people commit crimes and misdeeds no less than others, if not more and comparing the level of morals between different residential areas is another evidence.

Morals come from the home, the school curricula, and the ability to control the size of the family, not from the street. The father and mother must have the time and the ability to educate, discipline the children, but if their number is large, as is the case in most of our residential areas, then the only option is to leave their upbringing to the street, and for this they want the government to raise their children through the laws, controls and legislation they propose.

Freedoms in Kuwait are not only declining, but the general situation as a whole is declining, and every response to the demands of the backward powers opens their appetite for more stringent, harsher and more harmful demands. Our problem lies, as we have earlier mentioned, in the deepening of hypocrisy and ignorance among us. There is no hypocrisy as Saeed Ansheed wrote more shameless than when we demand an increase in religious subjects in the school curricula, then we enroll our children in a foreign school or receive treatment in Western hospitals. There is no hypocrisy more despicable than all this administrative laxity that we live in, and receiving salaries without working, then jogging towards the mosques, without drawing the attention of all of these people to the devastation of the sidewalks and the dilapidated situation of the streets, and there is no judgment for those who block the road with their cars, at the same time their eyes open denouncing wearing a skirt or shorts, or a billboard with 3 sticks of ice cream.

The hypocrisy is when we see women ruling the world, running the International Monetary Fund, the International Court of Justice and most of the United Nations organizations, and working as defense ministers and even commanders in armies, while we prevent them to even lead a battalion of donkeys. Our backwardness is not due to our distance from religion, for all those who preceded us, and we are at their full mercy, militarily, with food and medicine, belong to liberal nations, and perhaps infidels, and therefore our failure is due to our concern for husks, refusal to advance, and silence about the corrupt among us, especially if they are from the religious group because we are used to cowardice and refusal to speak the truth.

Note: The leaders of the Audit Bureau, the oversight arm of the National Assembly over state finances, were subject to sever and unjustified criticism by some members of the parliament. We hope that it was not deliberate. Reading the names of those who attacked these leaders shows that they do not want the strong and honest in the sensitive positions of the Bureau.

By Ahmad alsarraf
e-mail: [email protected]

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