Hawalli, Salmiya inspection: Municipality shuts store, issues 23 violations

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Hawalli and Salmiya crackdown: Store closure, 23 violations issued by the municipality.

KUWAIT CITY, April 23: The Emergency and Rapid Intervention Team of the Hawalli Governorate Municipality conducted extensive field inspections in the Hawalli and Salmiya areas to ensure compliance with municipal regulations. The primary objective of these inspections was to verify that stores and markets adhere to the approved requirements and systems set by the municipality.

As a result of these inspections, one store was ordered to close its operations, and a total of 23 violations were issued. These violations encompassed a range of infractions, including operating without an advertising license, commencing business without the necessary permits, unauthorized use of space, and improper display of merchandise outside the store premises.

Ibrahim Al-Sabaan, the head of the Emergency and Rapid Intervention Team in the Hawalli Governorate, emphasized the importance of strict adherence to municipal laws and regulations by shop owners. He underscored the consequences of violations, which could result in fines and administrative closures. Al-Sabaan urged business owners to comply with the prescribed guidelines to avoid penalties and ensure smooth operations within the municipality.

This news has been read 2345 times!

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