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‘Group not what it seems’ – Ruinous thoughts

Ahmad Al-Sarraf

None of the partisan organizations in the Arab world are linked to evil and ruin except for the World Organization of Muslim Brotherhood. For more than eighty years they have set an example of violence and backwardness since the establishment of the group in 1928. These qualities will remain adherent to them until their ‘Doomsday’.

The strength of this organization has increased with every passing day and their assets have bloated after the systems (governments) in the countries where they operate believed in the possibility of exploiting the group’s influence to achieve selfish goals.

As a result the members of the group found for themselves a safe haven in these countries and took advantage of the situations to destabilize the communities and carry out sabotage operations.

The previous US administration of Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took advantage of the Brotherhood and benefited from the ideas of their leaders, put Egypt into their hands and agreed to ‘dump’ long time US friend Hosni Mubarak.

Such is the influence of the Brotherhood in more than one country that sheltered and granted citizenship to their leaders. The election results in many countries have shown a victory for majority of the candidates affiliated to this global organization, and that, if anything shows the strength and the depth of this organization as a result of which they have derived much benefit from the governments because they were granted all facilities including commercial and industrial to help them make vast fortunes. Not only this, for some the group members became a role model and some even joined this group hoping to realize their dreams of assuming high positions or amassing huge wealth.

In an interview with the eminent Tunisian media personality Kaouthar Bachraoui, before wearing hijab and joining the ranks of religious organizations, she said her relations with those movements were deep-rooted.

She explained she joined the Renaissance party in Tunisia, an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, and visited their elders in their homes, and got to know their families, and discovered, after bitter experiences, that they love those who support them when they are in the opposition, but after they grab power, they discard them.

She added these politicians have no religion, though this is applicable to politicians in general. Supposedly this is not a quality of religiously-committed persons as they claim.

Kaouthar was baffled because she failed to realize when they were telling the truth. Was it when they were in the opposition or when they were in power?

She says she and her friends thought there is a discrepancy between the Islamic movements in terms of thought, but they discovered all of them, or at least a majority of them are extremists in thought and behavior. This is how they were in the past and this is how they will be in future.

She says she has spent her life embracing the group and now she feels this was pure stupidity on her part. She thinks she was deceived because after following them all these years, she realized what the Islamists really are.

Of course, there are so many like Kaouthar, outspoken, but a majority of them prefer to remain silent.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf


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