Gross injustice, darkness

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How would you feel if you did not have an uncle?

It probably wouldn’t mean much to you even if there were no cousins but what if you never knew your grandfather and never met your grandmother?

What if you are alone, no brothers or sisters? Here the issue becomes worrisome.

What if you never knew your father, never heard your mother’s voice, or do not know her name or how she looked like? Here the issue becomes a psychological disaster and a great calamity.

This is exactly the situation of the foundlings who lack all these human connections, emotional security, and the family dimension necessary for human happiness.

It is not difficult to underestimate the feelings of bewilderment and pain that surrounds the hearts of those who belong to this group if society or rather its laws and the opinion of others about people with unknown parents were more merciful and understanding, as is the case in developed countries where we find that their situation has never constituted an obstacle to their access to leadership positions in countries and their great success in their business, but our societies are unjust, and the hearts of the majority do not know mercy towards the sons and daughters of this group often because of the laws related to how to deal with them.

The laws of Kuwait like other Arab and Islamic countries, with a few exceptions do not allow the adoption of a foundling and it is not permissible to establish his lineage with those who adopted him/her or to inherit him. When he dies leaving behind no children or a wife his money and property go to the state. Also some countries do not even record the foundlings in their nationality records. Is there a more severe injustice and a more tragic situation like this?

The officials in the Ministry of Social Affairs do not look at the children of this category, both males and females, who number nearly eight hundred with sympathy and respect, but rather consider them as a burden, that is why the Ministry is strict in accepting adoption requests, and this contributes to complicating the situation of these people, and damages their flowering youth at much later stage, who end up in care homes which lack the requirements for their upbringing in a healthy environment.

Therefore these children grow up with their psychological complexes, and with time they become a burden on the society. The increase in their problems and the addiction of some of them prompted the Ministry to force them to leave their homes, by cutting off power supply and other services, but some of them refused to leave because of their low monthly incomes that do not allow them, especially girls, to obtain suitable and independent housing.

In an interview with a former Undersecretary of the Ministry, the undersecretary stated that the ministry provides a lot for those people and no country in the world does the same and this is a crude exaggeration, as the issue of these people is not material to be proud of the material facilities.

These people need fair, humane and social treatment and a natural environment they grow up with more than they need an apartment or efforts of the ministry to get them married or find jobs for them, and what he said about the sons of this group should not be mentioned in this article as if these people do not watch TV, and their feelings can be hurt. His words also showed the low level of those responsible for this oppressed category.

The issue requires changing the ministry’s policy towards this category, drawing on the experiences of other countries, and accelerating the process of their assimilation in society by facilitating adoption procedures and following humane methods instead of strict adherence to religious texts.

It is assumed that the messages of the prophets are in the interest of humans and their welfare, not to steal their money to build museums for them. Do you understand what I mean?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 11767 times!

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