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Great fire starts with tiny sparks

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A LEADER or an official is not judged by his social traits or his moral qualities. If he is friendly and trustworthy, then it means that he is a good companion for traveling or for a diwaniya session. However, when he assumes a responsibility and depends on those qualities, it is like sacrificing institutions because such traits and qualities are the duty of every official, as it is a citizen’s duty.

Considering the fact that countries are developed based on a decision made by experts who have plowed the public work, the most important thing is the program and the ability to implement it with the available resources.

On this basis, we can look at the programs of the four governments of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled. If they did implement the minimum of what they promised, they would not have drowned in an inch of water of confusion, or been knocked down with a series of popular blows before the parliamentary ones.

The answer to the question begins with the Central Prison, and the provisions imposed by the arbitrary cybercrime law, which tied the hands of the judiciary, in addition to the bloggers who fled abroad after being indicted for a word they posted on social media. This rendered every post on Twitter to bear a very high price tag of years of imprisonment, or voluntary exile to which the accused opts to resort to in order to avoid enduring bitter consequences.

Today, Twitter has become an arena of confrontation between heads of state, elites and ordinary citizens all over the world. Only in Kuwait did we hear about harsh sentences being issued for words posted on such platforms.

This is due to the fact that an official in our country is incapable of responding to arguments with better arguments. Thus the only option is to gag mouths from escaping and concealing his impotence.

On the other hand, these governments left all housing, economic, and development problems, and devoted themselves to fighting the MPs’ inquiries, and evading grillings either by giving occupational or financial bribery, or by passing agreed-upon legal deals to sedate people.

This is evident in the case related to the retirement grant in which the “government of  expeditious execution of affairs” stalled until it became clear that this slogan will be the title of the next stage due to the current constitutional absurdity.

If we reviewed the programs of the four governments from November 2019 until today, we would find that they are devoid of content, and do not serve the Kuwaiti citizen in anything.

For example, they were unable to pass the public debt law, which made it the stage of salvation. They instead bargained over it, just as they did with the mortgage law which was canceled by a previous government in accordance with the desire of the merchants who wanted to increase their profits and acquire the homes of citizens. This is contrary to what prevails in all countries of the world, ignoring the fact that such a law is one of the financial service tools that enhance the economic movement in the countries.

Because of all this, it is necessary to look with great interest at what people say, listen to their demands, and deal with them boldly, and not with repression and silence.

What is published in newspapers and social media highlight a lot of concern for Kuwait as a homeland for all its people, and contain ideas that are presented free of charge to the government, which has to bear a great deal of national responsibility.

If “strong resolve comes in proportion to people of determination”, then pride and arrogance are not part of determination. Therefore, we say with love – Do not underestimate the sparks. Most of the huge fires start with a spark. All accidents start with a look, so look with keen eye at Kuwait, and not on positions.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times