Friday , September 29 2023

Grave violations spotted in ‘allowances’ payment

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Financial corruption peaks in ministry

KUWAIT CITY, July 2: In a precedent that may be seen as the largest in the history of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Al-Jarida daily has learned that the Office of Financial Comptrollers has recorded 60 cases of financial and administrative violations in the form of payment of undeserved allowances, or the formation of committees and the consequent disbursement of money to its members.

According to the sources these are considered serious violations, and the Office of the Comptroller refused to approve and then rejected them, explaining that the Minister alone has the authority to approve these transactions despite the irregularities, by entering them into the automated system of the Ministry of Finance.

The sources pointed out that this huge number of violations is unprecedented in the history of the ministry, especially since during the past years, the number of cases that were recorded could be counted on fingertips. The sources added that “the increase in cases of violations from the supervisory authorities in the state is reflected in the evaluation of the leaders and officials of the ministry, which is based on two foundations – the first is the number of observations of the supervisory authorities, the extent of interaction with them, and ways to avoid them so that they do not recur in the future, and the second is the percentage of completion of the programs included in the state’s development plan.”

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