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Govt seeks to reduce energy ‘expenditure’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 28: As part of its policy to reduce public spending, the government seeks to reduce energy expenditure by providing greater investment for renewable energy, especially the one generated through wind and the sun, reports Annahar daily.

In this regard, a government source revealed the money allocated for investment in renewable energy is more than one billion dinars which will be spent over several years and the investment is expected to double in future to produce clean energy. The source pointed out that the methods currently used and which result in pollutants to the environment, in addition to the elimination of dependence on oil and its derivatives.

The source pointed out that a majority of future renewable energy projects will be implemented in partnership with the public and private sectors. Kuwait is already taking serious and successful steps to implement renewable and clean energy projects.

Kuwait is following the path of developed countries to protect the environment, to benefit from solar energy, wind energy and reduce environmental emissions, and to secure 15% of domestic demand for electricity by the year 2030 through several projects, including the Shqaya project and the Aldabdaba project which will provide the oil sector 20% of the needs.

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