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Thursday , August 18 2022

Government’s ill-considered decision and innocent Poland

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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

THE COVID-19 pandemic has exposed us to the government apparatus that governs our lives and deaths in the recent months, in addition to the disasters caused by the unexamined interdiction attacks. What I mean here is that the consequences of what would happen to citizens and expatriates working in the public and private sectors alike were not studied!

This pandemic exposed to us our abnormal situation as a minority in our homeland due to the residency dealers and their supporters – bribe-takers among them – employees of the guided government.

The crime of flooding the country with strangers is a triple head. The first head is of the victim worker, the second head is of the residency trader or human trafficker – no difference, and the third head is of the government employee in the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Authority for Manpower and the rest of the governmental agencies and plagues – no difference!

The genius of the members of the government is represented by its Council of Ministers, which fingerprinted the recommendations and advice of its advisors, agencies and institutions, with its eyes closed.

This was recently embodied by the decision, of what God has revealed, from the authority, which is not to renew the residency of the expatriate employees in the private sector who have reached the age of 60 years. This includes whoever had been in Kuwait since his early youth, and got married to a woman with whom he has had children who know no other country other than this country. I consider this as a crime against this country.

The age of 60 years is no longer an old age that lacks giving, but rather the age of all giving with the experience, sophistication and know-how that have been gathered by the person whom the rational government wants us to abandon based on an ill-considered decision. Had this decision been applied to our government’s advisors or its affiliated bodies – some of whom are over the age of 70, we would have been grudgingly silent. What is permissible for the government is forbidden to others, so this is a clear and unjustified discrimination.

This decision only includes workers in the private commercial, professional, cultural, health, educational, and medical sectors, etc. You are a foreigner who has worked in the private sector for several decades, and when you reached the age of maturity and are able to work in a field in which you have become a venerable expert, our government comes to you because you do not work for it, and says to you, “Turn your face” that is “and show your backs”, as our Egyptian brothers say.

We say to the government – Think carefully about the disastrous consequences of your decision about the non-Kuwaiti expatriates, the Kuwaiti employers of these expatriates, and what would become of the work that the employers are responsible for if their expatriate workers do not undertake it with experience.

We wish to draw the government’s attention to the treatment that an expatriate receives in countries of civilization, science, knowledge and culture. They gave that expatriate their nationality in such circumstances, and permit him to buy real estate there and become a citizen like the rest of their citizens.

In this regard, we ask our brothers in the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, headed by its respected President Muhammad Jassim Al-Saqer, to intervene firmly to put an end to this decision, due to which thousands of commercial and professional interests of the private sector represented by the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be negatively affected. We are confident that the intervention of the chamber will have a positive result, by the grace of God, because the devil knows his Lord.

I wrote a few days ago about my shock that Kuwaiti citizens were prevented from entering Poland. It became clear to me later that this decision was not taken by the Polish government alone. Rather, it was a decision taken by the “Schengen” system to which Poland joined after the demise of the communist rule in it, asking God to save the world as soon as possible. All the world tour has tasted two things from that pandemic, and human beings will not rid us of it, because the creatures of God among these human beings have not yet agreed on a cure for that calamity, as some of them and some countries are beneficiaries of it!!!

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil