Goodbye Hosni Mubarak

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

HOSNI Mubarak closed a page of the history book, which he wrote with words and deeds. He will be remembered by many for his legacy of achievements.

Indeed, Kuwait is sad – just as the situation is in Egypt. Despite his physical departure, Mubarak remains a beacon of nationalism. He adhered to nationalism until the end of his life, even in the most difficult time when the toxic wind of the “Brotherhood” blew and several countries called on him to go into exile. However, he insisted on remaining and stood firm, saying “It is here in Egypt I was born and live, and it is here I will die. I will never leave Egypt.”

He interpreted his conviction admirably in the state of institutions, starting from the judiciary to the lowest employee in rank. He was also convinced that Egypt produces the best, and what he built during his 30-year rule was not based on malice, personal interest or opportunism or even self-gain but commitment and devotion toward public service.

Before his departure, fate allowed him to see the fruits he planted throughout his rule in the return of the state of institutions after the “Brotherhood” were sent packing by Egyptians, leaving the matter of the country in the hands of President Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi. He also saw the fruits in the restoration of peace and security after the great army of Egypt crashed terrorism.

The late Hosni Mubarak rigorously faced lawsuits leveled against him and his two sons without privilege. His faith in the homeland made him well-aware of the fact that the fortress of Egypt is the rule of institutions and a fair and credible judiciary, and that Arabs have no strength without solidarity while their demise is in the scheme of division and unnecessary adventures.

For this reason, he stood firm in the face of Saddam Hussein’s regime and refused any compromise on Kuwait – irrespective of the justifications and allurements. He made Egypt, at that time, the first defense channel of the most deserving case of the twentieth century.

Fate allowed him to close the pages of his life in the anniversary of Kuwait’s national day. We wish he would have been with us to celebrate this anniversary which, undoubtedly, went by as we are saddened by his death. Kuwait’s grieves over this person who stood beside her and defended her in the same manner he defended the national security of Egypt and Arabs.

The man did not exploit Palestinian issue for either personal or political gain; in fact, he strived to ensure that Palestine would be for Palestinians once they improve their mode of governance to properly manage their own affairs.

It is sad that only a few realized the game the “Brotherhood” played with Palestinian issue to achieve the Zionist scheme backed by the Obama administration. We all remember the message the late Mohammad Morsi sent to Israeli leaders and the many concessions he made to them in an effort to ensure he remains in power under Obama’s cover until the storm of Egyptians swept him away-along with the “Brotherhood”.

Over the past 10 years, Mubarak was subjected to various forms of humiliation by the demonic “Brotherhood”, which exercised all forms of repression and abuse against him and his family. Whenever the judiciary issued a verdict to acquit him of malicious charges, the demonic group came up with another to keep him behind bars but the truth and justice stood by him in spite of their hostility. Here we are! In few days to come, his sons will be acquitted, and he can return to his Lord with a clean uncontaminated page.

May Almighty Allah have mercy on President Hosni Mubarak! He won’t be forgotten by either the great Egyptian people or Arabs or Kuwaitis. We convey our sincerest condolences to his noble family and Egypt, both leadership and people.

Goodbye Hosni Mubarak.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 13957 times!

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