A good terrorist one who is dead

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BRITISH Secretary of State for Defense Gavin Williamson said a few days ago, “Britons who fought for the so-called Islamic State (DAESH) abroad should be hunted down and killed to ensure they never return to the United Kingdom.”

Williamson added, “Simply, a dead terrorist cannot cause any harm to Britain,” and he emphasized the need to do whatever possible to destroy and eliminate that threat.

The remarks of this courageous Secretary of State for Defense echoed those of Minister of State for the Department for International Development Rory Stewart who told British broadcaster at BBC a month ago that, “it is a very complicated moral issue. As members of the Islamic State, they are absolutely dedicated towards the creation of a caliphate. They believe in an extremely hateful doctrine which involves killing themselves, killing others and trying to use violence and brutality to create an eighth or seventh century State.”

On the other hand, we dedicate this well-measured statement of the Secretary of State for Defense of a major democratic country, which respects human rights in the world, to our administration’s whizzes. From that, we can shortlist two personalities who recently caused public uproar which we have yet to get over with.

The first personality is the undersecretary of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Ministry who gave us glad tidings regarding success in rehabilitating Kuwaiti members of DAESH through lectures, classes, discussions and so forth, and sending them back to society with their eyes sparkling with a child’s innocence.

Major and advanced countries in the world like Britain, Belgium, France, etc., have neither made such a claim nor supported it. Instead, these countries threw their returnees to jail and withdrew their citizenship to ensure there is no return for people drenched with the blood of children, women and old people. They are the enemies of humanity and everything related to contemporary civilization.

Another personality is the former education minister who responded to a question in the Parliament concerning two individuals — one takes pride, through the testimony of his tongue, in slaughtering a religious person and his children in the Syrian town of Al-Shaqiqah during the ongoing civil war, and wishes to repeat his heinous savage acts over and over again. In his response, the former minister counted for us the lectures, which this bragging murderer, gives to our future generation in the unnecessary faculty — the infamous Faculty of Sharia.

Another incident which shook the community, apart from a few, is the boastfulness of the one for whom our government spent several millions and tiring shuttling efforts by our foreign ministry to secure his release from the famous US Guantanamo Prison.

Recently, this ex-Guantanamo inmate proudly made a bloody violent suggestion; stressing the importance of carrying out this violent suggestion in retaliation to the controversial and infamous decision of the US to relocate its embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.

The suggestions which he mentioned were full of violence that shook everyone, even those who sympathize with such kind of people. It is something that disregarded the credibility of our government in the eyes of the international community and also proved its failure to rehabilitate such mentalities as extremism and violence overwhelm every cell of such brains.

Therefore, we firmly believe that violence does not combat violence. All we can do is praise the suggestions of the British Secretary of State for Defense to fight against those affiliated with DAESH. We have solid evidence of our failure in rehabilitating anyone whose psyche is overwhelmed with violence.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil



This news has been read 37687 times!

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