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Saturday , March 25 2023

‘Good sailors can only hit safe shores’

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Intisaar Al-Ma’touq
Intisaar Al-Ma’touq

MANY things have lost their splendor in this beautiful homeland. Positions have changed as if something exploded slowly and led to the deteriorating performance of the Education, Health and Housing ministries. Something took place in the most important sectors of the country that made them slip out of the spot of excellence, thus, they always get blamed. Yet, the biggest portion of the blame should be directed towards what is currently happening in Abdullah Al-Salem Hall whose founder would have given up building it if he knew what his grandsons would do inside!

However, there is still hope for the Ministry of Education to become a pioneer among its counterparts in countries in the region and occupy the highest position in the Arab world. It can mould a good individual who loves himself and his homeland, in addition to the ability to plan well for his life and whose mind is full of civilized thoughts, not stuffed with papers.

Also, there is hope for the Ministry of Health to become an international medical center which attracts patients from all over the world and a destination for those looking for the latest medical discoveries. With this hope, I perceive abolition of the overseas treatment facility, owing to the presence of highly qualified and efficient doctors in the homeland.

In addition, a citizen will get a house before the fifth year of his marriage because we will have an efficient Housing Affairs Ministry. We will no longer hear about a Kuwaiti, in his 50s, renting an apartment.

Moreover, apartments will be given to the owners of small enterprises managed by wise Kuwaiti youths who are keen on reinforcing the national economy and investing their money in their country, as well as converting these local enterprises into international economic investments, whereas the remaining apartments will be distributed to honest expatriates.

I can emphasize that everything will work well if the National Assembly performs well. If directions are good, all sectors of the country will be good!

We have suffered much in the presence of the current Parliament whose members, and I mean the majority, can be compared to a cruel stepmother who made the life of a simple citizen like hell. We will not talk about the disappointments they caused us or the lawmakers who left the session as a way to express resentment over the security procedure taken against the Abdally Cell members.

We will sum up the extent of the damage through the statements issued by the ‘knights’ of the Parliament regarding the proposal to increase fees for petrol, electricity and water for the first time in 50 years. Add to this their statements on the proposed reduction of the budget for overseas treatment, as well as the fear they spread because of the strategic alternative to the salary scale and ‘flying’ gravel on the streets.

Unfortunately, they did not behave well, considering that the ‘policy’ of spreading fear of starvation is tougher than hunger itself. Now that the current Parliament is about to reach the end of its term, many heads and promises have surfaced once again!

As the testing period is about to finish, will anybody succeed? In fact, we will not be able to calculate the number of those who will fail because they are many, but we can see the cleverness of a voter who will be able to select well in the coming phase. We will see if he selects partially or through his personal conviction which is based on the rule that you vote honestly and you will not betray anybody.

By Intisar Al-Maatouq

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