Giselle Bündchen dating jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente: sources

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Joaquim Valente; Gisele Bündchen.

LOS ANGELES, Feb 21, (Agencies): Gisele Bündchen and Joaquim Valente have been romantically involved since June, choosing to take their relationship at a steady pace. Initially, the duo established a strong friendship before evolving into a romantic connection. Sources reveal that Gisele, known for her privacy, preferred to keep their budding relationship under wraps while they familiarized themselves with each other.

Representatives for the 43-year-old Bündchen and Valente were unavailable for comments. Another source disclosed that the bond between Gisele and her family’s jiu-jitsu instructor developed gradually over time, transitioning from a platonic connection to something more.

“They started out as friends,” the insider explained. “He provided significant support for Gisele during her divorce, and their relationship naturally evolved into a romantic one after the separation.” Describing Joaquim as a grounded, kind, and inspiring individual, the source noted Gisele’s initial hesitancy about dating post-divorce, highlighting that being with Joaquim has felt entirely natural for her.

The exclusive source emphasized Gisele’s admiration for Joaquim’s Brazilian background, emphasizing the commonality in their experiences of leaving Brazil at a young age and building successful lives in the United States. Both share a love for Miami, enjoy traveling, and prioritize a healthy lifestyle. The insider concluded by affirming that Gisele is currently in a content and joyous phase of life, with Joaquim being the perfect match for her.

This news has been read 541 times!

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