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Sunday , September 19 2021

Fury over clogged streets

‘A bullet of mercy for SMEs owners’

KUWAIT CITY, March 8: Former chairman of the Kuwait Association for Small and Medium Enterprises Dawood Marafie says the recent partial curfew decision is considered as a bullet of mercy for the owners of small and medium enterprises in Kuwait, reports Al- Anba daily.

Kuwait Association for Small and Medium Enterprises Dawood Marafie

In an exclusive press statement, Marafie stressed that agreeing to impose the partial curfew without any justifications is almost a crime. He expressed hope that all details of the curfew will be reviewed and studied because of its impact on the Kuwait economy particularly the owners of small and medium enterprises.

Marafie addressed the Cabinet, saying, “Regardless of who raises the issue of partial and total curfews, you have to consider all aspects of the issue at the same time, which are the psychological, economic and health aspects”. In a direct message to the ministers of the new government, Marafie said, “We hope the new government will cooperate in developing solutions for its children who own small and medium enterprises.

We did not come from outside. We are suffering from a problem that is getting bigger. Its side effects and the burden on the budget will be greater in the coming years. If it is not addressed at the present time, we can address the issue today through a figure in the budget. However, these sums will be doubled after five years, and we will not know the actual negative impact that our economy sustained.”

Marafie addressed the MPs, saying, “There are priorities that we know are important to you as MPs, but we are the sons of this country and we are the ones who brought you to this chair. We are responsible for our families and livelihoods, which may be cut off in the coming few days. We therefore demand to be part of your priority.

There are some laws that are being studied in the legislative and financial committees in the National Assembly. We believe that these laws will be the first priority of the Parliament in its first session. All laws are good and will lead to great opportunities for the owners of small and medium enterprises. So we hope that you support these laws and give them priority during your meetings with the new government”.

Marafie concluded with a message addressed to the Minister of Health Sheikh Dr Basel Al-Sabah, saying, “I hope that you and your team will look at the situation from all its aspects (economic, political and health). We hope any decision that may be brought before the Cabinet would be reconsidered and reviewed in order to determine the results of the decision before it is presented.”

The streets of Kuwait witnessed traffic congestion and congestion, before the 5:00 pm/5:00 am curfew went into effect, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Many citizens complained about the congestion and confusion that ensued because it is apparent all companies and establishments pulled down their shutters at approximately the same time. Google Maps showed most of Kuwait’s streets and main roads red (clogged), indicating the heavy congestion.

The Al-Qabas daily said during a field tour, the securitymen while implementing the ban worked in the spirit of the law, and they did not record any violations against those stuck in traffic. A security source told the daily verbal instructions were issued by senior officials not to register cases or violations against those stranded on the roads, and to give citizens and residents sufficient time to reach their homes.

The source said these instructions were given after the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior received a report about severe congestion and traffic confusion, which prevented people from reaching their homes in time.

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