Fraud victims get lucky

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KUWAIT CITY, April 30: In the money laundering case involving a Syrian expatriate, the Criminal Court has decided to return the money of the victims of real estate fraud, under the consideration that “the victims had good intentions. Their ownership of these funds is based on legitimate reasons for investment and has no connection with the crimes attributed to the accused”. In the rationale for its ruling, the court affirmed that, “The entirety of the money subject to the crime of laundering is in fact the sums paid by the victims with the intention of investing in what turned out to be fictitious projects.

It has been mixed with the funds involved in the crime of the present case. The victims are affected by the conviction of the accused and the confiscation of their money. Therefore, they have the right to recover their money from the proceeds of the funds ordered to be confiscated, after deducting the scandalous returns they obtained”.

In terms of the penalty, the court ruled that the Syrian defendant be imprisoned for ten years with hard labor and fined KD 3,138,766 as well as the confiscation of the funds subject to the crime of money laundering, taking into account the rights of the bona fide victims. By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

This news has been read 20001 times!

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