Fortune tellers are ‘liars’

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Maguy Farah is a well-known Lebanese personality, a television host and a horoscope presenter. She said during a television interview that for nearly three years she had been suffering from a strange medical condition. She was living in an abnormal situation, suffering from constant desire to sleep for hours, sometimes up to twenty hours, and wake up exhausted and half narcotic and go to sleep again, and so on.

She said she approached every doctor and a wise person, especially after she fell to the ground twice and her condition became disturbing. It became clear to her, after a long period of suffering that her Filipina domestic workers were putting in her food and coffee a nerve medicine for treating schizophrenia, which they brought it from a relative who had this disease.

She says she was tormented all along and they (domestic workers) did that so they could enjoy and have fun outside the house and sometimes bring in the house their male friends, and all of this was happening without her knowledge and that the powerful medication could cause her other serious symptoms. The story of Maguy Farah reminded me of a story said to have occurred in the Soviet Union during World War II when the tyrant dictator Stalin was told that one of Russia’s most famous fortune tellers wanted to meet him to forecast his future.

Stalin asked the man to be executed immediately because in his eyes he was a liar and a fool because if he had known the fate that would await him, ‘he wouldn’t ask to meet me’. I don’t know how Maguy Farah reads the horoscopes of millions of viewers on TV channels and predicts and expects what the future holds for them, yet she did not know for three years what was going on in her home? Was it not for the ‘merits’ of coincidences? The story of the stupid Russian ‘predictor’ and Maguy Farah reminded me of a story that I lived aside in London.

There was a famous Iraqi sorcerer and fortune teller who had too many clients especially the wealthy Gulf women, who visited his clinic or consulted him by phone before doing anything. The photos of that fraudster with a crystal ball in his hands, and his ads filled Arab newspapers that were published in London, and even some British newspapers.

One afternoon, when I was having lunch with some friends in a Mayfair casino, I noticed that this same fraudster (black magician) playing alone on three roulette tables, moving from the first one to the second, and the third, rushing back to the first.

This scene was something strange because in my entire life I had not seen something like this. He was losing thousands in just a few moments. He laughed at his fullness, perhaps not because of the loss but because of the stupidity of those who believed in his power to read the future, and poured money on him that they did not take pains to earn.

I write these three stories to warn those who claim reading the horoscope, knowing the future, and predicting events before they happen and those who keep watching at the end or beginning of each year in front of the television screens to listen to the rubbish that is poured by fortune tellers. It is sufficient to indicate what I say that the ‘magicians’ of Lebanon for example, failed to predict the fate of their money in banks.

By Ahmad alsarraf

e-mail: [email protected]

This news has been read 51243 times!

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