Foreign Affairs finishes study on MoU for hiring of Ethiopian domestic labor

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Union chief meets Lankan envoy

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 18: Head of the Union of Domestic Labor Recruitment Bureaus Khaled Al-Dakhnan revealed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has finished studying and reviewing the memorandum of understanding for the recruitment of Ethiopian domestic workers, reports Aljarida daily.

In a press statement, he said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent the MoU recently to the Ministry of Labor in Addis Ababa for review and study, and to obtain its observations concerning the provisions, if any, or approve them as stated.

Al-Dakhnan stressed the importance of allowing the recruitment of domestic workers from several countries instead of limiting it to only two or three countries.

He insisted that allowing the recruitment of Ethiopian workers will create a balance in the market and solve more than 70 percent of the problem related to shortage of domestic workers that the market currently suffers from. Al-Dakhnan indicated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had amended some of the items in the MoU in a way that preserves the rights of the three parties to the equation – domestic worker, local recruitment agencies, and their counterparts in Addis Ababa.

He affirmed that there is an almost daily follow-up by the union to find out the latest developments in the MoU, the validity of which will save huge sums of money for citizens and residents wishing to bring in this labor force.

In addition, the head and members of the Union of Domestic Labor Recruitment Bureaus recently met with the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Kuwait Othman Muhammad Jawhar, and the labor attaché to discuss the latest developments in the process of resuming the recruitment of domestic workers.

The meeting touched on several topics and matters related to all the problems facing Sri Lankan domestic workers in the country and local recruitment offices, as well as the problem of female workers currently staying at the embassy, and about completing the procedures for their deportation as quickly as possible.

They agreed to hold a workshop between the union and the embassy to discuss all matters related to the SriLankan labor, especially the problem of female workers stuck in the embassy. The embassy affirmed that the workers are refusing to continue working and want to return back to their country.

It will communicate with the Public Authority for Manpower, represented by the Department of Organizing the Recruitment of Domestic Labor, to expedite the solution of this problem, and to place the workers in the shelter until their departure.

The meeting also discussed the renewal of the recruitment contracts concluded between the local offices and their counterparts in Sri Lanka, according to which the labor recruitment process takes place.

This news has been read 12429 times!

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