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I am not surprised by the positions of leftist academics or intellectuals, or what remains of them, or the positions of the semi-educated, and I am not far from them. If they “get high” with the news of hostility to the West, and America in particular, or stand with Russia in its war against Ukraine, it is not out of love for it, but rather out of hatred to America and its “henchmen”, but I am painfully surprised by the positions of businessmen, the sons and grandchildren of businessmen, and capitalists to the core, towards America and everything it represents, and their insistence of standing on the side of the anti-Western forces with all that the West represents in terms of liberalism in life and work, and they “get drunk” even if a hurricane struck a Western country, they are completely confident that if they were forced one day to choose between resorting to Russia or the West, they would not hesitate for a moment to choose the latter! I am not defending America.

In my opinion, all major powers are criminals and are looking out for their own interests, but there is a criminal who is less criminal than others. If one day we became as powerful as America, our crimes would not be less than their crimes. The current Homo sapiens, to which all modern humans belong, and whose species dates back no more than 200,000 years, invented hundreds of inventions throughout its history, but researchers agree that the greatest of them are three: Fire: Controlling it enabled him to advance human civilization, as it provided him with warmth, light, cooking, and protection.

The wheel was the second most important invention, and the people of Mesopotamia knew it 5,500 years ago. Its invention helped man develop transportation, agriculture, industry, and construction, and convey knowledge to the rest of the world. Without it, there would have been no vehicle, train, or plane. The third invention is the printing press, which Gutenberg invented in the fifteenth century, and it revolutionized the dissemination of knowledge, culture, and beliefs.

As for the modern era, the mobile phone is considered, in my view, the most influential, important, and dangerous device in the lives of people in the twenty-first century, both positively and negatively, after it marginalized or eliminated the role of the landline, television, cinema, fax, telex, camera, photocopying devices, and messaging, paper, printed newspapers, paid external calls, the laptop, the watch, the lamp, the office diary and calendar, the alarm clock, the pocket mirror, the compass, tools for measuring heights and distances, the dictionary, and the linguistic assistant, and it has become an important tool for detecting crimes, violations and accidents, because it is present at the moment in everyone’s hand.

Even when waiting in the most boring places, such as clinics and hospitals, has also become a normal thing, and it has become used for walking, knowing the regularity of the heartbeat, monitoring the factory, home, and office remotely, a notebook to save secret numbers, and writing down ideas and notes, a recording machine, and its holder is richer than a pen. It has become possible to operate all office, home, and factory devices with it, remotely and closely, and it is a tool for simultaneous translation to and from any language, and with it bank accounts are managed, without having to visit the bank, and a tool for transferring and receiving money, and dozens of other functions and tasks that there is not room to mention.

Despite all its advantages, the mobile phone is considered a small American invention, and yet one of its smallest products, the AirPod, which is used to answer cell phone calls without using hands, has generated huge revenues, despite its relative short lifespan. It began marketing in 2016, and yet in 2022 it achieved revenues amounting to $14.5 billion, half of which were profits, and this is only one product, for the giant Apple company, whose market value is close to $3 trillion, and it is a company that has excelled in the gradual implementation of a long-term strategy, since its founding, 43 years ago, which was famous for always offering new products, so that Apple actually knew what the phone user wanted or needed, before he knew what he wanted, and this is the secret of its greatness and strength, and the strength and greatness of America.

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This news has been read 3899 times!

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