Focus on Expat bachelors living in unhygienic conditions

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KUWAIT CITY, Mar 03: Some bachelors residences in Kuwait have come into focus for overcrowding and lack the minimum health requirements, which can spark spread of corona virus and other diseases rapidly into the country. Many bachelor expats in Kuwait live in over crowded rooms which has absence of personal hygiene that spreads infection.

During such tour of the bachelors housing in the Bneid Al-Gar region Al Qabas daily spotted a grave negligence, where waste, rodents, insects and unpleasant odors is a common sight.

It is worth nothing that in these types of dwellings almost 8 people live in a small room, so if one of them is infected with the virus chances of spreading the disease to every expat with whom they mix around on daily basis is very high.

However, some expats asserted that they are compelled to live in collective housing, as their salaries are low and not enough for better housing. They ordinary jobs and their income is limited plus the cost of life has doubled.

Similar is the case in Fahaheel road in front of Al Daiya. Old buildings with ugly view can be scene with a lack of cleanliness and unpleasant odors. The buildings are not maintained and are in broken or damaged severely with wide spread of Shisha smoking on all sides that indicates that bachelors are comfortable with dirt around which may cause more epidemics. Right from washing clothes, cooking, bathing is carried on in unhygienic atmosphere.

These houses include laborers of Arab and Asian nationalities, but most of them are Egyptians bachelors who are unskilled laborers who return to sleep at the end of day. Muhammad Al-Aswany, one of the laborers said “Lack of hygiene is not due to negligence but to lack of cooperation. Many people tried to maintain cleanliness inside the rooms but some of them return from work only to sleep. Everyone has their individual lifestyle, each one has his own kind of food and drinks but bathrooms, kitchens and common area needs to be shared”. He further stated that day begins from 6 am onward standing is an queue for bathrooms and toilet and then eat what ever is available, where as some light up Shisha till the bus arrives and return back from work to sleep in the dirt.

Washing machines parked in the corridors where all people wash their dirty clothes and after finishing dry their clothes clipping it to each others clothes which causes skin diseases.

As per PACI there are 1.3 million expats in Kuwait living as bachelors in group. Indians 429,000 followed by Egyptians 373,000 and remaining are other nationalities

This news has been read 65867 times!

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