Flu vaccinations hiked from 50,000 to 160,000 doses this year

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‘Nearly 500,000 people die annually from the seasonal flu’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 2: The Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Affairs at the Ministry of Health Dr Bouthaina Al-Mudhaf said fl u vaccinations have been increased from 50,000 doses to 160,000 doses this year, and are distributed over 40 sites at preventive centers and medical sectors in the Defense and Interior ministries, the National Guard, the Central Prison, the oil sector and at other places with the help of 400 doctors, nurses and health technicians from the public health sector, reports Al-Anba daily.

This was disclosed by Dr Al-Mudhaf during the launch of the activities of winter vaccinations against infectious respiratory diseases ‘seasonal flu and pneumonia’, noting that the good health and well-being are one of the most important goals of the nation for sustainable development from the perspective of the development plan of Kuwait.

Dr Al-Mudhaf added Kuwait has paid special attention to the importance of prevention and control of infectious diseases, especially respiratory diseases, which put a huge burden on the health budgets of countries and are a cause for large rates of complications and death.

She said nearly 500,000 people die annually from the seasonal flu, as well as around 1.6 million are affected by the pneumococcal disease, and the 1918 global flu epidemic caused 5 times the losses caused by World War II, making countries bear in mind the need to develop national policies and plans to combat the disease..

Dr Bouthaina Al-Mudhaf confirmed that the Ministry of Health believes in the importance of prevention of infectious diseases and works in coordination with international bodies, led by the World Health Organization to develop a national strategy to combat infl uenza, which has lasted for four years, and included the holding of 9 medical seminars and workshops for the treatment and control of infl uenza.

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