Monday , September 25 2023

Five Kuwaiti citizens jailed for joining ‘Qaeda’ terror group

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: Five Kuwaiti citizens who were accused of joining Al-Qaeda terrorist organization have been each sentenced to five-year imprisonment with hard labor by the Criminal Court, says Al-Seyassah. A State Security case had been filed against them and they were charged with joining Al-Qaeda terrorist organization and committing aggressive acts against a foreign country (Afghanistan), which exposed Kuwait to the danger of war and deterioration of its political ties with that country.

They were also charged with receiving training on the use of weapons with full awareness that those who trained them have terroristic objectives and were aiming to use them for achieving these objectives. Meanwhile, the Criminal Court sentenced a GCC national to seven-year imprisonment for obtaining Kuwaiti citizenship using forgery, and acquitted others in the lawsuit filed against a total of 13 individuals.

The Public Prosecution had charged the suspect with receiving public funds and employment in the public sector as well as relevant benefits and allowances, and services from Public Authority for Housing Welfare through the Kuwaiti citizenship that he obtained illegally through forgery.

It also charged him with providing false information to state bodies and banks using an ID card that carried the name of the person whose identity he assumed. According to the case file, investigations were carried following the discovery of the incident which revealed an agreement between a Saudi national and a Kuwaiti citizen as per which the Kuwaiti citizen agreed to provide his Kuwaiti ID card to the Saudi national and to help in issuance of a Kuwaiti ID card under the name of the Saudi national. This enabled the Saudi national to visit the Department of Citizenship and Passport Affairs at Ministry of Interior and apply for Kuwaiti citizenship

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