Fishermen navigate new conditions leading to 50% diesel subsidy cut

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Fishermen face subsidy shake-up: 50% cut in diesel quantities.

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: Insiders have disclosed specific details regarding alterations in diesel subsidies targeted at fishermen. The subsidy study committee implemented a 50% reduction in subsidized quantities starting from the first of last November. This reduction was initiated following the establishment of conditions by relevant authorities. Beneficiaries must meet these conditions to continue receiving subsidies, and due to their inability to fulfill these requirements, the support amounts were subsequently reduced.

For fishermen surpassing the 50% threshold, the option to purchase diesel at the subsidized rate of 115 fils per liter is available. Notably, this rate contrasts with the current global market price for diesel, which fluctuates between 230 and 240 fils per liter.

This news has been read 444 times!

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