Files that need the care of the new leadership

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Ahmad-jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

UNDOUBTEDLY, the new leadership in the country has its own views about a number of issues. Given that whatever is new is feared, the principle of governance continuity is the cornerstone of running the state.

This is due to the fact that people are the pillars of this leadership, through their participation in public work over the past decades. They hence see in this leadership decisiveness, firmness, justice, and unity of opinion, and are thus looking forward to the resolution of many decades-old troubling files.

With the end of the mourning period and the return to work, the people of this country hope to see a roadmap that will pull us out from the past plague, during which corruption was allowed to spread due to the game of balances between the government and the National Assembly based on deals, procrastination and wasting of opportunities.

Nonetheless, what is expected is a decisive government capable of defending its program, and is not intimidated by the wave of interpellations or threats from MPs.

It is worth highlighting the importance of forming this government with the most qualified members and uncontaminated members who will not work to install cronies and followers with the objective of remaining in control after they exit.

This kind of notion has been prevailing for decades, and it has caused widespread neglect and corruption to the extent that all the corridors of the public institutions are ravaged by corruption mites.

About eight months have passed since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Many productive sectors have been affected, and fears of an economic downturn have increased.

Therefore, this has become the biggest concern for the people of this country who are waiting for firm decisions that will delight them and lift the injustices inflicted on them by the procrastination of the current government and the National Assembly due to trading of interests and juggling of responsibilities between them until the situation reached this level of complexity.

There is no doubt that the country’s financial and economic future is the basis for any process of advancement and progress, and the launch of major projects is the key to resuming movement on the path of development.

However, this will not be achieved if heavy burdens are placed on the shoulders of the public and investors, who are hoping that the decisions from the leadership will be decisive and resolute to prevent its exploitation by any future minister or MPs.

When talking about the MPs, we must not overlook the political reality in the country in terms of the expected results of the upcoming elections, as they will not be any better than the past in terms of partisanism, sectarianism and tribal tendencies on which they are built, especially since we have been having trouble in the recent years in terms of separating chaff from wheat.

Therefore, we today rely on the political leadership, which we all realize has a clear vision in running the state, and is touching the concerns and demands of the people in this country who are waiting for it to pull them out of the dark tunnel into which they were pushed by political and parliamentary blackmail in the past stages.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 27007 times!

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