A fiery speech from field King

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT IS NOT strange for King Mohammed VI to direct, in his speeches, sharp criticisms at central interests and different constituents in the administratively decentralized system in case of failure to perform their duties.

This is why his speech during the opening of the parliamentary term was fiery and distinct. He talked about the situation of all Moroccans and the transfer of their anguish to the executive authority, making everyone responsible such that they turn from slumber or from using their position to serve their party and political movement towards having serious thoughts on serving the country.

In his speech, the Moroccan monarch defined the essence of his relationship with the people and the inherited multi-party system since the 1950’s when the King and the people revolted against colonialism to liberate their country.

He cited King Hassan II’s approach that gave birth to the freedom enjoyed by responsible Moroccans with a national dimension. The approach was based on the open-door policy between the ruler and the ruled, thereby, making the King closer to the concerns of his people. He hears their whines if they feel pain and he does not stay away from the walls of the palace. The King himself conveys messages to authorities because when citizens meet their ruler and notice that he is assisting in solving issues and difficulties, it means there are shortcomings and deficiencies somewhere. Will the citizens ask the King to intervene if the management or executive authorities are doing their work?

Where could you find a king who speaks frankly to his people while criticizing backward mentalities, behaviors, laws and staff training? What about a country like Morocco where investment opportunities are available now, more than any other time in history? It is not only because of the strategic position of the Kingdom, whether as a gate to Africa or its proximity to old Europe (which is burdened by taxes and whose economic constituents are searching for safe investment points), but also due to its stability in the Arab world and African continent which is swelling with conflicts.

Therefore, the Kingdom is qualified as an Arab investment destination, in addition to Moroccan investors who are ambitious enough to contribute to national development. However, the long cycle of paperwork, bureaucratic procedures and lame excuses of employees impede investments. This is what King Mohammed VI highlighted in his last speech when he called on everyone to work and make sure that work is done quickly.

Since taking over power, the monarch has been working hard to liberate the country from obstacles. He has achieved a lot over the past years, but he still see these achievements as the beginning because the country has yet to reach the desired level. His speech was transparent as it did not leave room for excuses for underperformance of officials.

The fiery speech delivered by the ‘field king’ was aimed at achieving administrative efficiency, because it is the measure of the advancement of nations. Morocco will continue to be classified among the Third World countries if the relationship between the administration and citizens does not improve.

King Mohammed VI does not want this for his country. He exerts tremendous efforts to ensure that the executive authority and all constituents complete their tasks for Morocco to join the club of advanced countries. Undoubtedly, Morocco deserves this position, but it will happen only if the parliament members and other officials believe in the ability of their people and their country to reach the target.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 7294 times!

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