‘Fault lies in pervasive acceptance of corruption within the societal culture’

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During the era of Cray Mackenzie, non-Muslims used to receive a monthly allowance of liquor which some would then sell to others, be they citizens or non-citizens.

Today, citizens receive subsidized food from the Kuwait Supply Company and later sell it to expatriates at a significant profit. This has intensified the burden on security forces as the smuggling of subsidized food has witnessed a notable increase recently. Every month, attempts to smuggle tens of tons of subsidized food are thwarted at the borders.

The Kuwait Supply Company initially aimed to provide essential food items to citizens at cost price to assist them in managing their living expenses.

Over time, the company expanded its offerings to include unnecessary items. In the future, this list might encompass products like cigars and caviar, in addition to the already provided smoked salmon and Zubaidi fish. While the company has partially achieved its goal of assisting low-income citizens, it has inadvertently fostered corruption. Some citizens who do not require the assistance sell their share for smuggling.

The Kuwait Supply Company provides vital commodities such as rice, butter, sugar, chicken, ghee, and baby milk powder, along with non-essential items like shrimps, various teas, glass cheese, and more.

Regrettably, stories about smuggled subsidized food only highlight expatriates, without mentioning the citizens who sold these goods, despite the Ministry of Interior’s clear stance on taking strong action against anyone manipulating the national economy.

Due to the escalating corruption at the Kuwait Supply Company, suspicion has fallen on its branch workers. They face accusations of selling subsidized food to smuggling gangs, supported by instances of lost or cancelled citizens’ supply cards.

A cooperative union chairman proposed a corruption-fighting solution of replacing expatriate workers at Supply Company branches with nationals.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that corruption, leading to infrastructure damage and spreading in various sectors, is not exclusive to any nationality.

The issue lies in the pervasive acceptance of corruption within the societal culture. In a society where cheating in exams is tolerated, smuggling subsidized milk powder is unfortunately not considered a significant issue.

A potential solution could involve dissolving the Kuwait Supply Company and redirecting the allocated funds for subsidized food to pension schemes.

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By Ahmed alsarraf

This news has been read 3413 times!

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