Fate of Syria or of Assad?

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SYRIAN opposition groups in the Diaspora are misrepresenting their ability to determine the fate of President Bashar Al-Assad.

They have not been convinced that they lost the war after seven years as they could not accomplish the ultimate fantasy planted in the minds of Syrians. It rather led to their dispersal across the world, whereas millions were either killed or wounded and infrastructure was destroyed. Yet, freedom and change of regime — the two major demands — have become a mirage.

Today, if international studies centers and auditors estimate the cost of reconstructing Syria at about $350 billion, who will bear the responsibility? Do the opposition groups in Cairo, Istanbul, Riyadh and Moscow have the capacity to drag financiers for the reconstruction? Will they act like the Arab revolution governments that created rosy dreams for their people with freedom, comfort and development when they took over governance in their countries? However, immediately after they rose to power they transformed into a symbol of corruption, accumulating wealth and suppressing the opposition under the pretext of countering foreign conspiracies.

An Arabian Gulf adage says, “Hold on to your madman to prevent a more serious madman from approaching you.” At this point, we ask if it would not have been better for Syria to maintain its stability instead of this war which continues to weaken the so-called moderate opposition in the interest of terrorist groups. The number of refugees, dead and wounded people continue to increase; while we have not heard about the hotels of oppositions with multi-platforms reckoning with their compatriots whom they should accommodate to be true to their words. Instead, they mortgaged fate of the entire country with the fate of a single person.

Let us assume that countries concerned with the Syrian issue bowed to present a demand to the opposition groups regarding Bashar al-Assad, even though majority of them have dropped the idea on his ouster; are they capable of agreeing on a particular system to succeed him? Will they leave the decision to any of Fathi Al-Sham, DAESH or Hezbollah Iranian militias? Syria will just become another Somalia or Afghanistan of Taliban. Doesn’t each of the faction accuse one another of succumbing to colonization and Judaism among other allegations, to an extent that all of them are recumbent?

It is true that the current regime has been ruling Syria for 47 years and needs radical reform. Nonetheless, this cannot materialize by destroying the country which was safe and stable even under denial of rights. It enjoyed vibrant economic activities to the level of food self-sufficiency and it was among a few countries which did not incur foreign debt.

The plight of Syrians reminds us of the story of Asma Bint Abubaker with Al-Hajjaj Bin Yousef. The latter crucified her son Abdullah Bin Al-Zubair in Makkah. Asma Bin Abubaker confronted Al-Hajjaj, saying, “Is it not enough to release this hero (referring to her son Abdullah)?”

Today, we want to ask these opposition groups, “Does it mean that at a time for releasing Syrians from the catastrophic crucifixion or inmates of hotels, they are not aware of the suffering of inmates in tents, so they continue to demand for determining fate of Bashar al-Assad through the fake war?”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 16699 times!

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